Flint Journal on Alt. Fuel: It ALL Sucks

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
flint journal on alt fuel it all sucks

Jim Miller over at The Flint Journal wants to dispel all those safety concerns surrounding hydrogen fuel cells. No, not the worry that your car will Hindenberg or that your hands will freeze and shatter into a million pieces during refueling. He's talking about giant vapor clouds over big cities and/or dripping water causing roads to freeze in winter. After dispelling these not-so-common misconceptions, Miller shows his inner Andy Rooney: "For every alternative fuel proposed, there are people looking for problems." (Hey that's us!) "Ethanol? It'll lead to higher food prices, and delivery is a problem. It takes a lot of fuel to produce it. Hydrogen? It costs money to produce, and there's no delivery system. Electricity? Batteries are expensive, recycling them is a problem, and most electrics have a short range. Enough already." Actually, not. Miller rags on gasoline ("Those supertankers aren't solar-powered") and finishes by chiding petrochemical recidivists. "Just remember, using oil is not the perfect answer either." True dat.

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  • Cgraham Cgraham on Sep 10, 2007

    sounds like nuclear powered H3's are the ONLY logical answer then. Whatever it is we do, we are just trading one evil for another, and who do you go with? The devil you know or the devil you dont? As long as we can deal with whatever the inherent flaws are of whatever 'alternative' we finally latch onto, i wouldnt say we're 'fine' but we're going to be better off. As for the 'no delevery system' for hydrogen, there should be a YET after it. There was no delivery system for gasoline either, but somehow we overcame that.