New Hampshire A.T.V. Park Could Be Big

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
new hampshire a t v park could be big

The New York Times reports that Berlin, New Hampshire is recovering from its post-paper mill slump by building a federal prison and an A.T.V./motocross park. Good luck with the prison thing. Meanwhile, in five year's time, Berlin will accommodate Ozzie Osbourne's least favorite form of transportation with some 136 miles of trails and numerous campgrounds. "About 20 miles are open now on the 7,500-acre tract," The Times reports. "Most of which the state bought from a logging company for $2.1 million in 2005. The state has estimated the park will eventually generate $694k in annual revenue." The president of the New Hampshire ATV club says it could be more. "I'm constantly getting calls from southern New England from people looking for some place to go," Rick Lacourse reveals. "At the moment, you've got to go all the way up to Maine to find long trails. If Berlin connects the park with other local trails, you could have 300 miles or more. It'll be a major magnet for off-road enthusiasts."

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  • UnclePete UnclePete on Sep 03, 2007

    As a NH resident, I say good! The more revenue we can get up in Coos County (where Berlin is) the more it helps the people there and the state. There are so few ATV/ORV parks in New England it's nice to have more. If it is just ATV's only at this point, hopefully they will add ORVs to the mix over time. I always wished I had a good park to take the Jeep to as a day trip. Berlin is only a 90 minute drive for me!

  • Rollingwreck Rollingwreck on Sep 03, 2007

    Is there a medical center on-site?

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Sep 04, 2007

    Milk it while it lasts. Those who want to ruin, err, run your life will soon be coming to close it down.