Automotive Oil Change Association: Change Your Oil

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
automotive oil change association change your oil

Regular readers will know that we're big fans of painfully obvious press releases. Although it's been a while since a really stupid obvious PR shout-out has crossed our e-transom, it was worth the wait. Honestly, I can't do justice to this one. So, at the risk of seeming as lazy as a newspaper automotive supplement editor, here's the text: "Peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, vegetables and … oil changes? They really do have something in common — they both promote good health. Just like your mother told you to eat your vegetables so you could be strong and healthy, you have probably been told that you are supposed to change the oil in your car regularly, according to the guidelines in your car's owner's manual. Your driving habits, the climate you live in, and the conditions you drive in will determine whether you are on a regular or severe schedule. But like you may skip the broccoli and opt for fries instead, you may let your oil change slip, thinking it really doesn't make that big of a difference. But regular oil changes and maintenance can have a big impact on how long your car lasts… So the next time you're tempted to skip that oil change, remember the price you and your car may pay in the long run. As for skipping the vegetables … well, you know what mom said." Podcast with Steve Christie, Executive Director of the Automotive Oil Change Association below.

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  • Rtx Rtx on Sep 30, 2007

    # philbailey : September 28th, 2007 at 11:41 am "Somebody should tell the Germans, who almost to a man are out to 15,000 miles between oil changes, using synthetics of medium quality. They’ve even taken away the dipstick on some models. Synthetic oil quality is decided by price, because pure PAO products cost more for ingredients than do the more common, but still excellent, esther products. I personally change oil on my Porsche, which is only used on weekends in the summer, every four years or 24,000 miles using a top grade pure PAO. Lab tests on my waste oil show absolutely no dangerous deterioration and the filter is perfectly clean when it is cut open and examined." Let me get this straight....You want us to believe that (a) you own a Porsche and (b) you allow the engine to run 24K between changes. I HOPE this is just a poor attempt at sarcasm. Most filters are running in bypass after 3-4000 miles. The filter is doing little or nothing after 8-10000 miles.

  • Nemphre Nemphre on Sep 30, 2007

    "I’d rather we stop oil changes now and drive the Lumina till the engine locks up and explodes so I can get a better car… not likely, though. Curse the reliability of base model, milquetoast American sedans with bench seats!" It sure wasn't reliable for me. Fuel injectors going out (it's lots of fun driving that trash 3.1L on 5 cylinders), turn signal switch broken, power locks not working right, bad wheel bearings. Seat back was messed up. I also like how some of the power locks would freeze in the winter. Just a really poor vehicle in every way that was worth about $6 and a pack of Juicy Fruit when I resold it. As for the 3000 mile oil change, the fact that the manufacturer lists much longer intervals is proof enough for me. I imagine they're pretty well clued in on what's needed for their own product, and are probably very conservative with their numbers.

  • Dantes_inferno Dantes_inferno on Sep 30, 2007
    Snag an interview with chemists from Amsoil or Mobil and get real facts on what oil does in engines, that would be more productive. Mobil will not get another dime from me in this lifetime. Their partner in crime, Exxon, nearly ruined my wife's car thanks to the cleaning fluid they stored in one of their tanks instead of gasoline (about a dozen cars had to be towed away from the station that day - most of the cars were no more than 5 years old). Amsoil may have a good product- but their sales techniques resemble that of Amway. I personally order and use Motul synthetic ois...
  • Kurt B Kurt B on Sep 30, 2007

    rtx - Phil is a trusted automotive personality in eastern Canada. I highly doubt he'd post on TTAC. That and thanks for the reminder to change my oil //obvious