Arabian Greens Put the Horse Behind the Cart

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
arabian greens put the horse behind the cart

A Dubai-based company called Fleethorse is designing an environmentally-responsible hybrid, partially powered by a horse walking on a treadmill behind the driver. (No, I haven't ingested hallucinogenic substances this morning. Yet.) An electric motor gets the treadmill moving. And then "the reserved energy, which is fully obtained by movement of the animal and saved in the battery is sufficient enough, to have the vehicle run for a fairly long distance, without having to have the animal running." Lest animal activists get concerned, "the gloss [sic] partition which forms the animal cabin is fitted with an air condition system, and this is to keep the animal safe, from that of unjust weather conditions like, rain, snow, heat or the cold conditions." They don't discuss the environmental quality on the other side of that partition, but it can't be that pleasant being cooped up in an enclosed vehicle with a horse and its associated natural emissions. What's next… a subcompact powered by two hamsters in a exercise wheel?

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  • Kazoomaloo Kazoomaloo on Sep 10, 2007

    I wonder what the HP rating would be...

  • Proscriptus Proscriptus on Sep 10, 2007
    Old news...
  • Shaker Shaker on Sep 11, 2007

    Quite the "methane footprint", though. (Hoofprint?)

  • Roger Hislop Roger Hislop on Sep 11, 2007

    From the FAQ... Q: What if the horse refuses to walk? A: normally they use a whip to overcome such problem, but we refuse to so , as there is no need for such cruel behavior in our case, and so, instead we have a conveyor belt which, with full control of the driver, runs automatically, for more details please click here. --- There is no link unfortunately... but I'm gagging to know what their horse motivation strategy is. Read passages from The Secret? Hypnotism? 7 Habits of Highly Effective Horses? Carrot-based performance additives? *boggle*