Temps File Suit Over UAW/Chrysler Agreement

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
temps file suit over uaw chrysler agreement

Even as United Auto Workers (UAW) contract negotiations are underway with The Big 2.8, 13 News reports almost 100 temp employees at Chrysler's Belvidere, Illinois, assembly plant have filed a lawsuit protesting their contract. The temps have "little union representation," no dental, vision or prescription health care benefits. Their benefits and wages are the result of an agreement between Chrysler and the UAW– to whom they're expected to pay union dues. Even the UAW is split on how this should be resolved. Leadership at Local 1268 wants to see the temps made full time, but some workers fear if they do, it would result in diminished benefits for everyone. Chrysler, of course, has filed a motion to dismiss the suit.

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  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Aug 05, 2007

    Where I work we have these kind of temps. They are called transitional employees. They are paid less they eventually will be let go and this was negotiated by the union. The employees knew the facts when they were hired. They are also represented by the union. However we are in a right to work state so their membership and dues is by their choice. They don't have to belong to a union.

  • Gentle Ted Gentle Ted on Aug 05, 2007

    Some how I dont get it that if the young boy works 10 hrs, and his Union takes $36.00 a week in dues, somehow this doesnt ring true, now I could see $36.00 per month but not a week! Hey I am an old Union Steward so know a wee bit about dues.

  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Aug 05, 2007

    So what benefit(s) do they get for their union fees? Sounds like a kickback to the union for me. The "solution" of making them permanent employees is BS. Make them entitled to medical benefits while employed. Retirement benefits can be vested over time.

  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Aug 06, 2007

    yankinwaoz where I work it was just agreed to between management and a different union than mine to switch over the temporary workers in another functional area to be union represented temporary workers. I believe their pay went up an extra 5 dollars an hour. So typically there is a benefit. In addition if you are in a right to work state they cannot force you to belong to the union.