Japanese Asthmatics Win $39.9m for Diesel Exhaust Pollution

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
japanese asthmatics win 39 9m for diesel exhaust pollution

The trend toward class-action law suits against auto companies isn't just an American phenomenon. The Straits Times reports that major Japanese automakers and the Tokyo city government have settled a lawsuit filed by asthma patients 11 years ago over the city's air pollution. More than 520 Tokyo residents claimed that diesel fumes caused their asthma (before authorities imposed strict standards in 2003). The settlement specifies $29m to set up a five-year health plan and a one-time $10.9m payment to the plaintiffs (and their lawyers). Plaintiff Hiroko Ozawa was not satisfied with the pay-out. "The benefits will only be given to asthma patients, not to those suffering chronic bronchitis and other lung problems."

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  • Ryan Knuckles Ryan Knuckles on Aug 20, 2007

    So...stupidity has a foothold in Japan too? Just wait until McDonald's starts making them fat..

  • Polpo Polpo on Aug 20, 2007

    Yeah, those people sure are stupid, going out and getting asthma like that! Ha!

  • Benders Benders on Aug 20, 2007

    I can think of a better use of $40 million: increased particulate emissions controls on diesels in Japan. I bet that would improve the health of a lot more than 500 people.