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ch007_006se.jpgChrysler is sending the Sebring to China. The Auto Channel tells us they're going to inflict launch the critically panned midsize on the Chinese market in October, where it'll do battle against Camry, Accord and the new Ford Mondeo. The rental car companies needn't worry, though; they won't stop producing them here. They'll be building them in Beijing along side the 300C currently in production under a joint venture with Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. You could say that sending the Sebring to China is fitting retaliation for the tainted dog food and lead-painted baby toys sent here, but I couldn't possibly comment. 

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10 Comments on “Chinese Set to Sample the Delights of Chrysler’s Sebring...”

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    Given previous news reports about Chinese automobile knockoffs, the question has to be asked: Is there any intellectual property associated with the Sebring that the Chinese would consider worth stealing?

    (Nice Francis Urquhart reference, BTW.)

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    Dog food jokes aside, this is just another hint of Cerberus grand recovery plan: entry into emerging markets, developing joint venture relationships to build cars abroad.

    Their plan is to take advantage of growing economies such as China and Russia, and to build cars there that can be exported back to here, with the idea of giving the company a home-market cost advantage that is tied to an American brand. Any bets on how well that is going to work?

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    Pch101: Lovely, though I can’t imagine the quality issues the Sebring will have once it is built by the Chinese.

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    RyanK02: How much worse could it get?

    Nevermind, that’s always a dangerous question.

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    China might be the only place on Earth where the Sebring would look good by comparison to the local products.

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    Samir, my thoughts exactly. Considering the concept cars coming from China, this thing is actually a beauty.

    AuricTech…there are those cooled cupholders.

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    Popular Science has a very interesting in depth article on the Chine’s clone factories and their rapid technological development.

    One of the dirty little secrets of the knock off business is that when the knock off artists get good enough, they are rewarded with production deals from established companies! You know the Chery clone of the Chevy Spark we here so much about? That is the very same company Chrysler just cut a deal with to make small cars. On one had the traditional companies send lawyers after the knock offs and on the other hand they turn around a buy from the same companies. It reminds me of the days when Iacocca was blasting Japanese imports in the press while buying engines from Mitsubishi on the side.

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    Adverts for these have just started hitting UK TV. Ok, so China tried to kill your dogs and children. What did we in the UK do to deserve it (excluding asking for taxes a while ago and so forth…;-)

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    What did we in the UK do to deserve it (excluding asking for taxes a while ago and so forth…;-)

    Besides sending us Simon Cowell?

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    Besides sending us Simon Cowell?

    We sent you David Beckham too.

    Oh hang on, I see your point ;-)

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