Hydrogen Powered Fusion to Hit the Salt Flats

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Ford and Rousch Racing– the folks who bring you the 800hp, V8-powered, rear wheel-drive Fusion NASCAR racer– are feeling the need. This time, they're teaming up with Ballard and Ohio State Universities to beat the land speed record for fuel cell-powered vehicles. Although you'd think a car named "Fusion" powered by a hydrogen fuel cell would holster a flux capacitor, the car is motivated by a 770hp electric motor. Autoblog Green provides no word on whether it'll be driving the front wheels, the rear wheels or all wheels, but this bad boy's got to crest 315mph to take the title. Call us upside down superstitious, but even though we get the historical allusion, we would have named it something other than "Fusion Hydrogen 999." Just sayin'.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Z31 Z31 on Jul 12, 2007

    How does the Fusion Fairlane make sense?

  • Luther Luther on Jul 12, 2007

    They could have created a bigger media-buzz by naming it the Hindenburg...Maybe a photo of it's pantyless crotch.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Jul 12, 2007

    z31: I'm talking about the haphazard use of retro names...and why its brought up for a Fusion race car and not for an upcoming CUV that was born for the name "Fairlane".

  • Shaker Shaker on Jul 13, 2007

    I think it’s “Da Bomb”. (sorry)