Eat This Car

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
eat this car

Ford's soy foam seat cushions are so not enough. Reliable Plant magazine reports that students at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, have built a car using botanical materials for almost everything save the frame and engine. The open-wheel single-passenger car features a body made from hemp, tires that started life on a potato farm and brake pads that once grew on a cashew tree. Suitably-named project manager Ben Wood claims he can get the car up to 150 mph "given a long straight and a tailwind." Wood hopes to design a race car that is "95 percent biodegradable or recyclable." If these products carry over into passenger car design, will the manufacturers offer a 100K mile warranty against termite damage?

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  • LoserBoy LoserBoy on Jul 28, 2007

    A car that decomposes? It's like some politically correct version of planned obsolescence.

  • Luther Luther on Jul 28, 2007

    How bouts a car made from Christmas Fruit Cake. Talk about durability.....

  • Hank Hank on Aug 04, 2007

    Can't wait to hear about all the little children having nut allergy attacks after one of these passes by a kindergarten and hits the cashew brakes.