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By on May 12, 2011

Further on today’s results conference at Nissan, I could regale (or most likely bore) you with what you will hear from just about any Japanese carmaker, and possibly from non-Japanese carmakers as well: Last year was a good year, the March 11 tsunami makes this year a challenging year, but what will not kill us makes us stronger, and in ancient China, crisis and opportunity were one and the same.

Now this is Nissan and Carlos Ghosn who has bet a farm in France and one in Japan on the future of the electric car. Ghosn made a few points today that are well worth noting. He talked about nukes, CO2, blackouts – and batteries.

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By on June 9, 2010

“I want to make nuclear power generation ‘visible’ through electric vehicles,” says Takafumi Anegawa, a former nuclear engineer who works for Tokyo Electric Power Co.  He thinks that “electric cars are the best tool to help people understand the importance of nuclear power,” reports The Nikkei [sub]. (Read More…)

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    gtemnykh - Internal to Japan, they also had the “ɛ̃fini” brand, and even marketed a loaded version of the gen 1 MPV as one of its featured models....
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    Ryoku75 - Cue complainers complaining about complainers without actually reading the article.
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    USAFMech - Hey, don’t go bringing us down with things like facts, and reality, and fiscal responsibility.
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    Ryoku75 - If Mazda offered a stick wagon would you actually buy it? Would anyone for that matter buy it? And no, buying used doesn’t count.
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    WheelMcCoy - I don’t sense the post stemmed from Mazda hate. Many of us like to play armchair quarterback, a more grownup version of internet racing. I think Mazda is on...
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    Corey Lewis - I might just have to do a Mazda QOTD:FU (Follow-up)
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    Corey Lewis - Mazda’s previous upscale dreams (the Amati brand) were crushed when they collapsed and got bought out by Ford. The Millennia was supposed to be the Amati...

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