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By on March 14, 2014

Warranty claims paid

From time to time someone comes to me with a great idea: instead of surveying car owners to get TrueDelta’s reliability stats, why not use warranty claims data? The reason why not: manufacturers consider such data to be highly proprietary. So when I heard that the auto industry’s “first OEM warranty and recall study” was going to be presented at a Society of Automotive Analysts meeting, I was intrigued. Had someone gotten their hands on this data? What were they able to learn from it?

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By on February 20, 2014

Tesla brown front quarter
TrueDelta has updated its car reliability stats to cover all of 2013, making them about eight months ahead of other sources. A new set of statistics includes only powertrain and chassis repairs—the systems needed for a car to be drivable. Stats for electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, are especially noteworthy with this update.

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By on September 16, 2013

FR-S engine

Car reliability has improved dramatically since the 1990s, much less the dreadful 1970s and 1980s. But is it yet safe to buy a redesigned car in its first model year? Or do early buyers still serve as unpaid beta testers?

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By on March 4, 2013

It’s an Audi, what do you expect?

TrueDelta recently updated the stats from its Car Reliability Survey to include all of 2012. Unless the car in question is a 2010 model (covered by J.D. Power’s VDS), statistics that indicate how it has been holding up since last April aren’t available anywhere else. Put another way, we’re currently eight months ahead of the folks with the new auto issue.

Among fairly new cars, so few received red “sad faces” (for an especially high reported repair frequency) this time around that we can cover them all here.

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By on February 14, 2013

I started contributing car reviews to TTAC back in 2006. Today’s is my last. But which car should I cover in my final TTAC review?

By on January 29, 2013

As car enthusiasts, we’re obligated to despise the Cadillac XTS. A decade ago the marque seemed on the path to glory with exclusive rear-wheel-drive platforms. Now we get this front-driver that shares its architecture not only with a Buick but also with a mere Chevy. Such backsliding mustn’t be condoned, much less rewarded. Unfortunately for […]

By on January 21, 2013

My daughter’s favorite flavor of Slurpee is all of them—in the same cup. To her, it’s more exciting to combine all available options than to pick one and roll with it. If you’re the same way, you’ll find the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E550 4Matic a very exciting car.

By on January 15, 2013

GM’s new large pickups might be locked up at NAIAS, but they were wide open at the launch event I attended last month. The event included three presentations: one of both trucks together, then one each from the two marketing teams explaining how their truck was different…by saying pretty much the same thing. Both Chevrolet and GMC truck buyers have perfectly organized garages where you can eat off the floor. People with messy, disorganized garages must buy someone else’s truck.

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By on January 11, 2013

I wavered on whether to request a Malibu 2.0T from Chevrolet. My review of the 2013 Malibu in Eco form allegedly helped make it “the most disliked car of the year,” and I’m not one to shoot fish in a barrel. But I did allow that the upcoming conventional engines could make for a better […]

By on January 3, 2013

We’re all familiar with the Mercedes-Benz GLK, from its new-for-2010-looks-like-2002 exterior to its “they want how much for this?” interior. But the fourth model year is MCE time. Mid-cycle, has Stuttgart enhanced its compact crossover enough that previous rejecters should reconsider it?

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    Dave M. - The Accord wouldn’t be anywhere near better equipped unless you’re comparing the Accord LX ($22k) and CR-V LX ($24k). And you can;t get AWD on...
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    Dave M. - That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Maybe his dad did ok financially and decided to trade every two years for self-amusement/enjoyment? I drive my cars...
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    bd2 - While the Camry is still the no.1 seller in the segment, it has been losing marketshare, and esp. retail marketshare. In 2013, the Camry was the no.1 midsize sedan in...
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    dal20402 - 104 vs. 92 is also a pretty major difference in passenger volume. 104 comes across as big-car roomy. 92 comes across as compact.
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    Dave M. - IIRC the 1992-1996 Camrys were sold at a premium in that market, with nary a discount in sight. Today’s Camry is a much better value than back then, and a decent...
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    Scoutdude - When Ford started putting the fuel filler door on the passenger side for US models the stated reason was that it was safer. The idea is that sideswipe...

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