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By on July 26, 2011

I spotted this Opel Vivaro CDTI on the University of Illinois campus.

How did this apparently-European vehicle end up in Illinois?  Opel’s website suggests that they don’t do business in Canada, but this Vivaro has Quebec license plates, and a stuffed animal in the window that suggests it is a personal vehicle.

Does anyone have any idea how such a vehicle could end up legally touring the American Midwest with Canadian plates?  What say you, readers of TTAC?


By on June 9, 2009

I drive a Prius regularly. It’s time to correct a few myths about hybrids:

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  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    Vulpine - @jjklongisland: You didn’t, by chance, buy that Ramcharger on the north side of Denver, did you?
  • Re: Reader Review: 2013 BMW 128i Sport

    dal20402 - That’s definitely the retrofits into reflector housings (which should be impounded IMO). OEM HIDs won’t blind you unless they’re on a car...
  • Re: Inside Stories From the War Between Automakers And Dealers Over Exports

    VoGo - Everything Lynch has ever written? Do you remember last week’s claptrap about how Elizabeth Warren was trying to put...
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    Vulpine - While you’re free to your opinion, BklynPete, I am free to disagree with your assessment. I do agree that any kind of full-sized truck ‘toy’ is simply a...
  • Re: Inside Stories From the War Between Automakers And Dealers Over Exports

    Land Ark - The straw buyer is some guy off the street whose sole function is to hand the money to the dealer so that the exporter...
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    CoreyDL - He’s going to ask them to carry in his luggage in a moment.
  • Re: Reader Review: 2013 BMW 128i Sport

    dal20402 - “(but why?)” If you had spent 30+ winters in The Land of Dark and Drizzly, that wouldn’t be a question.
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    bball40dtw - The advertisement wants to make you think that he does.
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    gtemnykh - bball my own 4Runner is now close enough to factory fresh as it is (a mere 124k miles on it) so I think I’m all set there :) These things age rather slowly if you...
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    CoreyDL - Probably for the best then, they only missed out on a couple years of decent sales.

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