By on November 28, 2012

We liked the Boxster S when we briefly drove it during a stage-managed event designed to show off its best characteristics. The Cayman should be even better.

The base Cayman uses the venerable 2.7L flat-six, good for 275 horsepower, while the Cayman S gets a 325 horsepower 3.4L unit. With the PDK, Sport Chrono package and god knows whatever else, the Cayman S is capable of a 4.4 second 0-60 time. Considering that the new 911 has evolved into some sort of Grand Touring car with an engine in the back, this might be your best bet at a sporting P-Car.

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5 Comments on “Porsche Reveals Hat-Wearing Boxster: 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show...”

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    I like it. Will it outperform the new Boxter? 275 HP seems plenty for sporty driving in a 2900 -lb. vehicle.


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    I’ll be in my frunk.

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    the front is slowly starting to look like the prancing horse 360.

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    I’m not a huge Porsche fan, but it’s pretty hard not to be excited about an incredibly balanced sub 3K lb sports car with 325 decent sounding horses.

    Honda built a better Porsche than Porsche, then gave up on it. Now Porsche builds a better NSX.

    But that whole fancy new interior is ruined by the blanks in the center console that constantly highlight what a cheapskate you are, no matter how much you dump into overpriced Porsche options. There are even blanks in the press photos, for god’s sake. How much over $100K would you have to put into options to fill the rack? A $70K car shouldn’t look like a stripped out econobox.

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    Looks like a TVR…

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