By on May 5, 2008

rebel1.jpgThe boys hauled the V8olvo (an '84 Volvo 244 with a Ford V8 of some vintage stuffed under the hood) up to Thunderhill for some pre-race diagnostics. The good news: we have good handling, sufficient power and adequate brakes. If you think I'm holding my cards close to my vest, I am. The bad news? A cooling problem and the oil pump seized. But that was before the crew pulled off three heroic 14-hour days in a row. Now we have the radiator from a 560SEL chilling down all 302 cubic inches. In fact, the V8olvo is in such dominating shape that it received a paint job. Yes sir, that's a Swedish Rebel Flag. With the 13 stars of the CSA. Representing what, we have no idea, but Judah Benjamin would be proud.

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