TTAC Rewind: Spending Time With the Kapchai

Here's a blast from the semi-recent past.

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TTAC Rewind: NASCAR Comes to Chicago

I remember reporting on the news that NASCAR was coming to Chicago. It was less than a year ago when the news broke. It started as a rumor that I saw bouncing around somewhere, probably on the Tweet machine, and by the time I finished writing the post it was confirmed.

Now I am here, at the event's media center, typing up this post while waiting for the rain to stop so the racing can start.

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TTAC Rewind: Thinking About Panel Gaps

Digging through the archives, I saw a Tim Cain piece about panel gaps and thought it might be fun to revisit.

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TTAC Rewind: Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day so we went back into the vault to bring one of our Father's Day posts.

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TTAC Rewind: Doctors, Porsches, and a Good Sunday Read

Today's TTAC rewind takes us back to a piece Jack wrote about doctors, Porsches, and moderation.

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TTAC Rewind: When TTAC Predicted GM's Fate

Take time away from your BBQ or the Indy 500 to check out a classic TTAC post.

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TTAC Rewind: When The Less Practical Choice is the Right One

Take some time this Sunday and revisit the time when old friend and former TTAC contributor Tim Cain traded a Scion FR-S for something a bit less practical.

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TTAC Rewind: Happy Mother's Day

Today's TTAC Rewind takes us back to a previous Mother's Day, when the old Curbside Classic featured a purple Mazda Miata.

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TTAC Rewind: The Six People You Meet in the Car Business

Today's reading is an interesting feature from a few years back on who meet in the car-dealership business.

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TTAC Rewind: When He Fought the Law -- And The Law Lost

Today's rewind for your afternoon perusal is a feature Steph wrote about a man who fought the state of Oregon all so he could call himself an engineer. This was part of a larger fight over the timing of yellow lights and red-light cameras.

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TTAC Rewind: How Has the Pandemic Changed Car Shopping?

Bark opined back in May of 2020 about how the pandemic would change car buying. Now that we're approaching three years on and we're living something resembling normalcy, was he right?

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TTAC Rewind: Easter Jeeps

Today's TTAC rewind doesn't take us back a week or so to the introduction of this year's Easter Jeep Safari concept s, but to a couple of years ago.

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TTAC Rewind: Bring the Suzuki Jimny Here

The Suzuki Jimny still isn't sold here, yet we're still holding out hope.

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TTAC Rewind: Driving While Canadian

It's Sunday rewind time again, and today's TTAC Rewind takes back a couple of years to that time when Steph detailed the bizarre case of a Canadian woman who ended up in a Georgia (the state not the country) jail for the crime of ... being Canadian.

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TTAC Rewind: Recapping the Life and Death of the Chevrolet Volt

Good evening. TTAC rewind is a bit late today due to your humble author being on the road again.

Anyway, I was talking to a few other journalists this week about the Chevrolet Volt and my contention that while it had its faults -- a bit overpriced, the lack of a middle seat in the rear -- the car was generally pretty good, and its extended-range electric powertrain setup could've been revolutionary for electrification, but GM simply didn't market it strongly enough.

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  • Daniel J Until we get a significant charging infrastructure and change times get under 10 minutes, yes
  • Mike I own 2 gm 6.2 vehicles. They are great. I do buy alot of gas. However, I would not want the same vehicles if they were v6's. Jusy my opinion. I believe that manufacturers need to offer engine options for the customer. The market will speak on what the consumer wants.For example, I dont see the issue with offering a silverado with 4cyl , 6 cyl, 5.3 v8, 6.2 v8, diesel options. The manufacturer will charge accordingly.
  • Mike What percentage of people who buy plug in hybrids stop charging them daily after a few months? Also, what portion of the phev sales are due to the fact that the incentives made them a cheaper lease than the gas only model? (Im thinking of the wrangler 4xe). I wish there was a way to dig into the numbers deeper.
  • CEastwood If it wasn't for the senior property tax freeze in NJ I might complain about this raising my property taxes since most of that tax goes to the schools . I'm not totally against EVs , but since I don't drive huge miles and like to maintain my own vehicles they are not practical especially since I keep a new vehicle long term and nobody has of yet run into the cost of replacing the battery on an EV .
  • Aquaticko Problem with PHEV is that, like EVs, they still require a behavioral change over ICE/HEV cars to be worth their expense and abate emissions (whichever is your goal). Studies in the past have shown that a lot of PHEV drivers don't regularly plug-in, meaning they're just less-efficient HEVs.I'm left to wonder how big a battery a regular HEV could have without needing to be a PHEV.