Are Plug-In Hybrids the Future?

On today's podcast, we ponder if plug-in hybrids are the future, talk Tesla and Ram, and ruminate on our first races attended as fans.

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Internal Memo Has Tesla Employees Worried About Layoffs

Tesla has the best-selling EV in the world, but that hasn’t made the automaker immune to cost-cutting measures. A recent report describes an internal memo that asked managers to justify their teams’ employment.

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Owners Can Charge Ford Vehicles at Superchargers Without Separate Tesla App

Ford was the first company to announce a move to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), explaining that its vehicles would soon be able to seamlessly charge at Supercharger locations across the country. The automaker hadn’t detailed the transition and steps owners need to take to charge until recently, when it confirmed that owners would be able to charge using the FordPass app instead of needing a separate Tesla app.

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Tesla Recalled 2.2 Million Vehicles for Too-Small Warning Lights

For a long time, Tesla took criticism for bypassing the recall process in favor of issuing over-the-air software updates. That practice has changed, and the automaker has issued several recalls in recent months, including the most recent one, which covers 2.2 million vehicles for an issue with the size of its warning lights.

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Tesla Finally Appears to Make Moves Toward Building Affordable EV Model

The long-rumored affordable, entry-level Tesla is almost here – maybe. Four years after the automaker first said it would build a cheaper EV, it appears things are in motion. Tesla reportedly alerted suppliers that it would start building a mass-market compact crossover in the middle of 2025, which would become one of the most affordable electric models on sale if it becomes a reality.

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Hertz Trims EV Fleet With Massive Sell-Off

Companies often tout their green initiatives as a way to drum up new business, but the expensive reality of investing in EVs and other technologies isn’t always clear up front. Hertz found that out the hard way, as it aggressively invested in new EVs for its rental fleet a couple of years ago, only to begin selling them off in 2024.

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Elon Musk's Reported Drug Use Rattles Tesla Board

Marijuana is legal in several states, and you can even order ketamine from a Facebook ad. What you do behind closed doors is, in most cases, your business, but what about if you’re the CEO of several companies with combined values in the hundreds of billions of dollars? That’s a question Tesla’s board members are facing, as CEO Elon Musk’s alleged drug use has been plastered across the internet and news stations everywhere.

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Samsung Partners with Tesla and Hyundai for Deeper Home Connectivity

Smart home devices and hubs can be awesome or infuriating, depending on how you use them. Even so, Samsung hopes to keep things simple with its newest efforts, which see it partnering with two automakers to integrate EV and other functions with its SmartThings platform.

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Tesla Quietly Cuts Range Estimates for Some Models

Tesla has long been accused of being, um, “overly optimistic” about its EVs’ range estimates. Its vehicles often fall further from their EPA estimates than other models, prompting an investigation by the DOJ and owner complaints. Now, the automaker has quietly reduced its advertised range estimates, with some falling by significant amounts.

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Some Norwegian Driving Schools Ban Teslas for Poor Turn Signal Design

Redesigning the wheel is great, as long as the thing you’re changing actually needs it. Automakers are primary offenders in this area, changing the gear selector and many other long-consistent components.

Tesla changed several things in its vehicles, the most baffling of which is the turn signal stalk, which it removed in favor of steering wheel-mounted buttons. That “update” is cause for concern for driving schools in Norway, where many instructors believe the buttons are dangerous in some situations and have banned Teslas from their lessons.

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Tesla Just Had Its Best Year, but Still Got Passed By BYD

Tesla just had its best sales year ever, beating its sales target and delivering more than 484,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter. Despite that success, the company fell behind Chinese automaker BYD for the first time.

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Opinion: Tesla Needs to Behave Better

Lost a bit in the holiday rush here at TTAC was a new Reuters story about Tesla blaming the buyers of its cars for parts failures.

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Tesla is Expected to Roll Out a Thoroughly Refreshed Model Y Next Summer

Tesla recently began rolling out its refreshed Model 3 sedan in some global markets, and the automaker is now gearing up for an update to its best-selling model. Bloomberg broke the story, which claims that the Model Y is due for a thorough update next year.

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Several VW Group Companies to Jump on Tesla's NACS in 2025

Tesla earns a lot of bad press for its semi-autonomous driving features and misbehaving drivers, but the automaker’s charging network is rarely a target of criticism. Other companies have jumped on board with Tesla’s Superchargers, vowing to adopt the standard for new EVs, and now Tesla has a handful of new automakers joining the fray. Audi, Porsche, Scout, and Volkswagen will all move to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) starting in 2025.

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Tesla Boosts Some Hourly Wages By As Much As 10 Percent

Tesla is famously non-union, but it’s not immune to the effects of a well-negotiated UAW contract. The automaker is significantly boosting pay for workers at its factory in Sparks, Nevada, by as much as ten percent, bringing it closer in line with the wage increases seen by union auto workers.

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  • Ronin The very asking of the question "Are Plug-In Hybrids the Future?" is an interesting one. Because just 2 or 3 years ago we'd be asking- no, asserting- that E cars are the future. We're no longer asking that question.
  • Peter Benn There apparently were some K-code 4-dr sedan Fairlanes. Collectible Automobile Apr 2024 has found a '63 500 with HD 3/spd.
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  • Rust-MyEnemy Whoa, what the hell is wrong with Jalop1991 and his condescension? It's as if he's employed by Big Plug-In or something."I've seen plenty of your types on the forums....."Dunno what that means, but I'm not dead keen on being regarded as "A type" by a complete stranger"" I'm guessing you've never actually calculated by hand the miles you've driven against the quantity of gas used--which is your actual miles per gallon."Guess again. Why the hell would you even say that? Yes, I worked it out. Fill-to-fill, based on gas station receipts. And it showed me that a Vauxhall Astra PHEV, starting out with a fully charged PHEV battery, in Hybrid mode, on my long (234-mile) daily motorway daily commute, never, over several months, ever matched or beat the economy of the regular hybrid Honda Civic that I ran for a similar amount of time (circa 5000 miles)."You don't use gasoline at all for 30-40 miles as you use exclusively battery power, then your vehicle is a pure hybrid. Over 234 miles, you will have used whatever gas the engine used for 200 of those miles."At least you're right on that. In hybrid mode, though, the Astra was using battery power when it wasn't at all appropriate. The petrol engine very rarely chimed in when battery power was on tap, and as a result, the EV-mode range quickly disappeared. The regular hybrid Civic, though, deployed its very small electric reserves (which are used up quickly but restore themselves promptly), much more wisely. Such as when on a trailing throttle or on a downward grade, or when in stop-start traffic. As a result, at the end of my 234 miles, the Civic had used less gas than the Astra. Moreover, I hadn't had to pay for the electricity in its battery.I look forward to you arguing that what actually happened isn't what actually happened, but I was there and you were not."Regardless, that you don't understand it appears not to have stopped you from pontificating on it. Please, do us all a favor--don't vote."You really are quite unpleasant, aren't you. But thanks for the advice.
  • Tassos Jong-iL Electric vehicles are mandated by 2020 in One Korea. We are ahead of the time.