Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leaked

With rumors that Tesla’s Cybertruck is nearing production status, there’s been renewed interest in speculating about what the vehicle will be like. Suggestions have been made that the all-electric pickup’s body will need to be lightly restyled to adhere to certain safety regulations and curiosity has abounded regarding the truck’s interior design. Will it be as staid and minimalist as the cabin in the Model Y or would it include additional instrumentation like the Model X?

Thanks to some leaked photos, we appear to have our answer.

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Tesla and Ford Announce Surprising Charging Station Partnership

Ford hasn’t been shy about its ambitions to overtake Tesla as the leading EV producer in the U.S., but the two companies aren’t as angry with each other as you might think. Their chief executives recently sat down for a chat on Twitter Spaces and made a surprise announcement that has generated strong opinions from all corners of the automotive world: Ford EV owners will gain access to around 12,000 North American Tesla Superchargers starting next year.

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The Base Tesla Model 3 Is Now Even Cheaper

For a while, it seemed like Tesla's values would never come back  to Earth. Buyers lucky enough to get a new EV from the automaker were flipping their cars for way more than the asking price, and many people overpaid as a result. Tesla started cutting prices earlier this year, making all models more attainable, and now the company has slashed the price of an entry-level Model 3 to below $40,000.

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QOTD: Does Tesla Need to Advertise?

We mentioned yesterday that Tesla is going to advertise more. But does the company really need to?

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Tesla Will Do a "Little Advertising" After All

Tesla has long avoided advertising, opting instead to use the money to improve its products, or at least that’s what CEO Elon Musk initially said. That said, he’s changed his tune, and purchasing an ad-funded social media likely played a role. Musk recently told shareholders that Tesla would “try out a little advertising and see how it goes.”

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Tesla Owners Sue After Software Update Slashes Their Range

Tesla owners are passionate about their vehicles, especially when it comes to all the cool things they can do compared to other EVS. It wasn’t surprising to see them sue the automaker in 2016 over claims that a new software update limited their driving range, though it’s a little surprising to see it happening again in 2023. 

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Tesla Batteries Lose Little Capacity Over the Long Haul

If you’re “the automotive person” in your family or friend group, you’ve likely gotten at least a question or two about EV range and battery life. It seems that people are getting over range anxiety as automakers release vehicles with ever-longer estimates, but there are still a lot of questions about how long EV batteries last. The answer is “at least 100,000 miles” because everybody’s required to offer eight-year/100,000-mile warranties on the batteries, but it turns out that some can drive much longer than that with surprisingly little degradation. 

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BYD: Autonomous Vehicles Are "Basically Impossible"

BYD, China’s largest electric automaker, isn’t as gung-ho about autonomous vehicles as many other auto industry giants. A company spokesperson recently said that BYD believes self-driving tech that is “fully separated from humans is very, very far away, and basically impossible.” 

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Just Got Cheaper... Again

Not that long ago, there was a time when Tesla vehicles seemed to defy the laws of depreciation, and some actually gained value on the used market. That’s changing, as the automaker has cut prices more than once in 2023, with the latest round of decreases landing this week. 

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Tesla's EV Market Share Slips

Tesla's growth has cooled.

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Report: Your Tesla May Have Been Spying on You

We've often worried about inappropriate surveillance via in-car cameras. Sometimes, I personally wonder if that's irrational paranoia. A new report concerning Tesla suggests it probably isn't.

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Tesla Issues Semi Truck Recall Over Rollaway Risk

The worldwide wait for Tesla’s all-electric semi-trucks seemed unimaginably long due to the hype that had been built up around them. But Tesla ultimately made good on its promise by finally commending deliveries in December of 2022. Sadly, no manufacturer seems to be able to produce new models without a few hiccups these days and the company has issued a voluntary recall on the rigs.

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EV Tax Credit Changes Have Shuffled EV Sales Rankings

Changes in the EV tax credit rules have been confusing and made it hard to determine which cars are eligible for credits. Some automakers argued that the rules would unfairly harm their business and ability to compete, and we’re now starting to see how some of the changes are shaking out. Automotive News reported that the top eight EVs in the U.S. in January were built in North America, while Hyundai and Kia fell back.

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Tesla Shareholder Claims to Have a Load of New Info on the Cybertruck

In case you were counting, the Tesla Cybertruck “debuted” more than three years ago, and there hasn’t been a single one sold to any of the thousands of deposit-paying reservation holders. Despite that, the automaker and its fans have continued to insist that it’s coming soon, and one lucky shareholder claims to have insider knowledge of the production version of the truck. 

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You Should Probably Charge Your EV Before Using It As a Robbery Getaway Car

I’m guilty of complaining about EV charging infrastructure, but I’ve never been in a situation where charging times or lack of access ruined my day. That’s the exact opposite of the experience two thieves recently had in Georgia, as their stop to charge their Tesla Model X was their undoing. 

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  • JMII This is why I don't watch NASCAR, it just a crash fest. Normally due the nature of open-wheel cars you don't see such risky behavior during Indy car events. You can't trade paint and bump draft with an Indy car. I thought it was a sad ending for a 500. While everyone wants a green flag finish at some point (3 laps? 5 laps?) red flagging it is just tempting people too much like a reset button in a game.The overall problem is the 500 is not a "normal" race. Many one-off competitors enter it and for almost every driver they are willing to throw away the entire season championship just to win the "500". It sure pays way more then winning the championship. This would be like making a regular season NFL game worth more then the Super Bowl. This encourages risky behavior.I am not sure what the fix is, but Indy's restart procedures have been a mess for years. If I was in charge the rule would be pit speed limiter until the green flag drops at a certain place on the track - like NASCARs restart "zone". Currently the leader can pace the field however they wish and accelerate whenever they choose. This leads to multiple false and jumped starts with no penalty for the behavior. Officals rarely wave off such restarts, but that did happened once on Sunday so they tried to make driver behave. The situation almost didn't happen as there were two strategies in the end with some conserving fuel and running old tires, driving slower with others racing ahead. However the last caution put everyone on even terms so nobody had advantage. It always gets crazy in the last few laps but bunching up the field with a yellow or red flag is just asking for trouble.
  • Tim Healey Lol it's simply that VWVortex is fertile ground for interesting used cars!
  • Jalop1991 I say, install gun racks.Let the games begin!
  • EBFlex For those keeping track, Ford is up to 24 recalls this year and is still leading the industry. But hey, they just build some Super Dutys that are error free. Ford even sent out a self congratulatory press release saying they built Super Duty’s with zero defects. What an accomplishment!
  • Norman Stansfield This is what you get when you run races to keep the cars bunched together for more excitement. F1 doesn't seem to have this problem after the first few laps.