Range Finder: Rivian Offers Smaller Battery on R1S and R1T

Hitting the powertrain of its pickup truck and SUV with a shrink ray has permitted Rivian to offer a new battery option – and a new price point – for its pair of all-electric models.

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Hyundai Kona Electric N Line Appears for Europe

Whilst the machine shown in these digital images are technically for a European model, it is all but certain this electric N Line will be available in America very soon.

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Audi Applies Safari-Style Treatment to Q8 e-tron

There is no shortage of machines jumping on the off-road bandwagon as of late. Rigs like the Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato get big grins and all the ink but jacked up machines like the Wilderness line at Subaru are pushing these builds well into the mainstream. Audi is dipping a toe into these muddy waters with the all-electric Q8 e-tron Edition Dakar.

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Stop-Sale Issued for 2024 Chevy Blazer EV

General Motors has issued a stop-sale order for the all-electric Chevrolet Blazer. As previously reported, the model has been criticized for presenting reviewers with electrical problems. That’s not what you want to see from any vehicle and absolutely intolerable on an EV. Even worse is the fact that the Blazer EV uses the Ultium platform GM claims is about to underpin its future lineup.

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Adventurers Take Nissan Ariya Across Globe

Following 10 months and over 18,000 miles of driving, a pair of explorers have completed an epic drive from our planet’s North Pole to its South Pole. That’s a helluva drive no matter the vehicle or conditions, but the team of Chris and Julie Ramsey chose to take it on in an all-electric Nissan Ariya.

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Q-Tip: Cadillac Introduces 2026 Vistiq

The onslaught of all-electric vehicles into the Cadillac lineup continues unabated with the introduction of this, the three-row Vistiq.

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Ford Trademarks ‘Lightstream’ Name, Could Portend Performance Truck

Eagle-eyed fans of the Blue Oval brand have spied a new trademark filing, one which could hold promise for a future performance – street or off-road – variant of the Lightning pickup truck.

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Honda Shows Prelude Concept in Japan

Score one for the gearheads. At this year’s Japan Mobility Show (yes, it – like many other auto shows – has changed its name to include that irritating catch-all word), Honda president Toshihiro Mibe rolled out a two-door coupe called the Prelude. It’s a concept for now, of course, but our hopes are buoyed by one phrase uttered by Mibe during the car’s introduction.

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2023 Rivian R1T Review - Got My Chips Cashed In

Except when they’re busy hating them, Americans love trucks. Big, brawny, bruising trucks dominate the sales sheets and roadways from coast to coast since we always seem to need to haul something somewhere. The problem is, trucks aren’t fuel efficient, which is one reason the great big mythical THEY are coming for your trucks. Traditional fuels keep getting more scarce and expensive. 

On the other hand, it’s easy to forget about the cost of your electric bill, since you pay it once a month and unless you’re in Texas, electrical service is always right there. Offloading your energy production to a generation plant somewhere else can easily lull you into the idea that an electric-powered vehicle is the right way to minimize your impact on the earth. But traditional automakers have been somewhat slow to market with widely available electric vehicles for a number of reasons, giving upstarts an open window to find their place.

While others have come to market with varying flavors of car-like EVs, Rivian has gone all-in on the most all-American pickup truck - and a related SUV with legitimate off-road ability. This 2023 Rivian R1T is an interesting take on the EV truck idea. Will it plug into your life?

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VW Gives ID.4 Major Power and Range Updates

The crew at Volkswagen have slung a few improvements at their all-electric ID.4, including a significant power boost and a jump in range. And, oh yeah, they seem to be listening to some of the carping about its infotainment system.

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Chevy Deletes 1LT Trim on Blazer EV, Report

A few days ago, we brought you news of the entry-level Blazer EV vanishing off the order sheet, a development caught by eagle-eyed fans and confirmed by General Motors. Now, the gearheads at Automotive News have learned the trim has been permanently deep-sixed for the 2024 model year.

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Acura ZDX to Show at Monterey Car Week

Styling for the upcoming Acura ZDX was hewn at the brand’s design studio in SoCal, making the annual soirée at Monterey a logical location for its unveiling.

And if you’re wondering why our hero shot is so grainy, it’s because we brightened the image for ya in order to see more detail.

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Chevy Axes Entry-Level Blazer EV - For Now

The General is set to launch several new electric vehicles this year, including the Blazer EV. When the model was first announced, it was indicated there would be an entry-level trim called the 1LT checking in at around $45,000. Fresh information tells us that’s no longer the case, at least for now.

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Nissan Jumps on NACS Bandwagon

It’s only a matter of time before nearly every major EV manufacturer hawking cars in this country moves to the so-called North American Charging Standard.

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Fiat Introduces 600e Across the Pond

The very Italian marque Fiat continues to roll out new products – in markets not named North America, of course. This time, we learn it is launching the all-electric 600e, sized larger than the 500e since it is intended to play in the B-segment. 

And by “very Italian”, we, of course, mean its newest vehicle shares structure with a Jeep.

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