Rare Rides Icons, The Nissan Maxima Story (Part II)
We return to our historical coverage of the Nissan Maxima today, as the model has a set execution date that will see its transition to Abandoned History stat…
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Rare Rides Icons, The Nissan Maxima Story (Part I)

With the recent and not surprising news of the Nissan Maxima’s planned demise in 2023, it’s time for a Rare Rides retrospective on a nameplate that was once lauded as one of the best sporty sedans on the market. From its origins as a rear-drive Datsun to the eighth generation that’s a shadow of its former self, the Maxima persisted with its unique value proposition: That it was a step up from the standard Japanese family sedan. Our story begins in Japan, with the Bluebird range.

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  • Drew8MR I usually take out the radio and throw it away, unless it's original and old. Not sure how I'd deal with a screen, I usually cover it with something in a rental. Pull the fuse maybe?
  • Lou_BC "The joint venture that makes Jeeps in China will file for bankruptcy, partners Stellantis  (STLA.MI) and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) said on Monday, after a long decline for the oldest foreign auto brand in the world's largest car market"
  • Tassos those absolutely ridiculous looking vehicles are textbook definitions of the Texas saying "All hat, no cattle". They should be forbidden to see by anybody OVER 5.