Volkswagen Again Teases the 2025 Golf R

The Golf R represents the current pinnacle of Volkswagen’s performance offerings in the United States, but despite rumors of its demise, the automaker will release an updated car for the 2025 model year. VW recently teased the revised eighth-generation car, saying that it would debut on June 26.

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Used Car of the Day: 2003 Volkswagen Golf

Today we feature a clean-looking 2003 Volkswagen Golf.

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Golf Refresh Imminent, Volkswagen Celebrates With Retro Photos

Next year will mark five decades since Volkswagen presented its first Golf, showing up with front-wheel drive and its engine ahead of the driver unlike the loaded-diaper Beetle. The model, currently in its eighth generation (or Mk8 as forum dweebs like to say) will receive some freshening for the big party in 2024 – and VW has decided to mark the occasion with a few retro photos.

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VW Teases Facelifted Mk8.5 Golf

Volkswagen has trimmed its Golf lineup in the U.S. to just the GTI and Golf R, but the car is moving ahead with a facelift in 2024 ahead of a planned switch to electric. VW CEO Thomas Schafer recently shared a year-end recap for the automaker, giving us a teaser for the revised car before signing off for 2023.

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Used Car of the Day: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32

Today's UCOTD is a nearly two-decade-old hot hatch with some mods. Hit the jump for more on this 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32.

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Junkyard Find: 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit 4-Door

From the time of the first KdF-Wagens until distressingly deep into the 1970s, Volkswagens had air-cooled engines in back and rode on goofy 1930s chassis designs. Finally, the Audi 80-based Dasher showed up here as a 1974 model, but it wasn't until the following model year that the first true water-cooled VW went on sale in North America.

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Used Car of the Day: MK7 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

Today's UCOTD is a MK7 generation Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen of indeterminate model year.

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Volkswagen Trademark App Suggests a Future Electrified GTI

Volkswagen stopped selling the standard Golf here a few years back, leaving only the GTI and Golf R to carry the hatchback torch in the United States. Though impressive, the current eighth-generation models are not going to make it through the transition to electrification, but a newfound patent application suggests the cars could be reborn as electric models down the road.

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Used Car of the Day: 2018 Volkswagen Golf R

Today we're coming at you with a stock 2018 Volkswagen Golf R. Yes, it's a manual.

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VW CEO: No Gas Powertrain for Next-Gen Golf

Volkswagen hasn’t been secretive about its plans to go all-electric, but many held out hope that we’d get at least one more generation of Golf with internal combustion. Company CEO Thomas Schäfer told Automobilwoche that the cars wouldn’t get a new gas powertrain in future generations.

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Used Car of the Day: 2012 Volkswagen Golf R

An 11-year-old Volkswagen Golf R owned by a technician? Color us intrigued.

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Used Car of the Day: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack SE

Another day, another wagon. Today's car-enthusiast catnip comes courtesy of Columbus, Ohio (home to many a TTAC'er) and this 2017 Volkswagen Alltrack has three pedals. Yay!

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2022 Volkswagen Golf R Review – Greatness Comes at a Price

It’s hard to come up with a better hot hatch than the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to build such a sublime vehicle and also make it a bargain.

If you’re on a budget, VW will happily sell you a GTI and you’ll get about 80 percent of the Golf R’s performance. On the other hand, if you have the scratch, the Golf R is worth it.

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2022 Volkswagen Golf R Review: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Let me start this by saying that I considered the previous Golf R to be the all-around best enthusiast vehicle available in its price range during its time on sale. That’s particularly high praise coming from someone whose performance tastes generally gravitate toward V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive coupes, but I think Volkswagen had achieved something remarkable with the Mk7. It was a car that had the dynamic chops to hang with some very serious hardware out in the canyons but didn’t need to shout about it from an aesthetic standpoint, and it also sacrificed very little in terms of daily drivability and practicality to get there.

Beyond the fundamentals, the Mk7 Golf R had other important elements sorted out too – solid interior materials in a well laid out and comfortable cabin, a class-leading infotainment system with a nice-sounding stereo – that sort of thing. Automakers can get away with phoning in some of that stuff when it comes to their top-tier performance cars because enthusiasts tend to have different priorities than mainstream buyers do, but Volkswagen didn’t half-ass it. This is all to say that the Mk7 Golf R set the bar pretty high.

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Where Your Author Considers the Finer Points of Golf

In the concluding chapter of the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen story the other day, I was asked by a frequent commenter to share some of the things I liked or would miss about the Golf now that it’s gone away. I’m thinking of those things now as I view its dealer listing, recently updated with many photos. They never did replace the cargo area trim panels, I can see the scratches from here!

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