Junkyard Find: 1984 Plymouth Colt GTS Turbo

Turbocharging was big when the 80s began, and nobody liked turbocharging better by mid-decade than Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and Chrysler/Mitsubishi. Turbo Cordias, Turbo Omnis, Turbo K-cars, Turbo Starions and, of course, the various Chryslerized flavors of the Turbo Mitsubishi Mirage. I’d forgotten about the Plymouth-badged Turbo Colts, but then I found this low-mile example awaiting its date with The Crusher in a California self-service wrecking yard.

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  • JMII I haven't seen one either. Is the traction control on/off with nothing in between? That is one of things I didn't like about my 350Z. Along with a stiff ride and excessive noise levels. What I liked most was the size. My C7 seems huge in comparison but its way more comfortable thanks to the mag-ride.
  • Merc190 I've seen one in the wild and it looked gorgeous in black. I much prefer the lines of this over the BMW Supra
  • Urlik Shame left the last models roofline. Would have looked more like a 240 with a flatter roof instead of that peak at the top of the windshield.
  • Kwik_Shift Just look at all the tank and APC scrap metal being produced daily in Ukraine.
  • Wolfwagen On the surface not bad, I wouldn't bid on it unless I got to look at it and see the work done. if the wiring checks out, getting the vehicle up and running would be relatively cheap. Like Arthur said ease of parts and lack of complexity could make this a runner for not much money. Get the drive shaft and exterior lighting in and its a daytime runner especially if it finds a new home with a garage in CA, FL or some of the southern states. Add the top, glass and secure shifter plate over the trans and it's 49 state runner and you can handle the interior a little at a time.