Used Car of the Day: 2019 Tesla Model 3

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
used car of the day 2019 tesla model 3

Would you buy a used Tesla right now, given all of Elon Musk's controversies with Tesla and Twitter?

Would you pay $44,000 for one?

That's what this Model 3 owner wants for a RWD car with full-self driving (FSD). We will note here that no car, including any Tesla, on the market can actually drive itself -- FSD is just Tesla's (misleading, IMO) name for its semi-autonomous driving system.

The seller claims to have a clean title. The seller says that outside of a couple of door dings, the car is cosmetically clean, and he or she has kept it mostly above 70 percent charge and hasn't used supercharging often.

He or she also says this car is fully loaded. The car is still under factory warranty until 2023.

Does a three-year-old Tesla ring your bell? Or is this a hard pass?

[Images: Seller]

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  • Petey Petey on Dec 24, 2022

    I was quite surprised when i found out that the base model3's were Rwd. I assumed they were all awd from the price.

    I can't even count how many teslas model 3's ive seen spun out, and stuck in the snow in the past couple of weeks. Im sure they were all the base models with Rwd, and i ll bet the owners had no idea that the car they purchased was even rwd.

  • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Dec 30, 2022


    Base MMR: $32,400

    Adjusted MMR$: 30,800 (this example @ 46K)

    12/15/22$30,25044,5952.8EL/ARedLeaseWest CoastPhoenix

    12/14/22$32,25038,9963.6EL/ABlueLeaseWest CoastTucson

    12/2/22$34,80035,5144.4EL/ARedRegularSoutheastFort Lauderdale



    11/29/22$37,00023,5934.3EL/AGrayRegularWest CoastRiverside

    Hey seller: bite me Tesla boy @ $44K

  • Jeff S The Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicles in decades.
  • Nrd515 This is all I could think of seeing this. I saw it in the theater with my dad about 59 years or so ago:
  • Art Vandelay I have no illusions tha my Challenger was going to be a car I wanted to own 10 seconds out of warranty. Fun, sure. Fun in 8 years? Hard pass based on the 2 years I had it
  • ToolGuy Weren't some of the most powerful engines in the M4 Sherman air-cooled? (And supercharged.)
  • ToolGuy "I installed oil temp and cylinder head temp gauges on various vehicles I was driving, so I could monitor how the engine was doing. I switched from my normal 20W50 and dropped to 15W40 oil and put down thousands of miles. Within that time, I saw a noticeable decrease in oil temps and even cylinder head temps while driving in different situations."ToolGuy has great admiration for your use of the scientific method in conducting original research.