Used Car of the Day: 2018 Smart ForTwo Brabus

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
used car of the day 2018 smart fortwo brabus

Aftermarket tuners have never met a car they couldn't turn into a higher-performance version -- or, at least, a car that looks sportier. Such is the case with Brabus and the Smart ForTwo.

This seller has an electric Smart ForTwo with a bunch of Brabus body work done to it -- and they are asking for $18,500.

The list is extensive -- check it out at the posting -- and full of carbon fiber.

Not only does the car have what the seller calls "Brabus-ized" looks, but it also has only 11,400 miles on the clock.

If the Smart ForTwo tickles your fancy -- and while many disdain the little urban runabout, there are fans of it out there -- perhaps this modified unit is just your speed.

[Images: The Seller]

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  • MaintenanceCosts MaintenanceCosts on Dec 27, 2022

    About a mile from me lives a couple with about the only bulletproof use case I've ever seen for Smart fortwos.

    They live in a small house on an arterial street that is relatively narrow and has no curb parking on either side (all the space is devoted to travel lanes). Behind their house is a steep downward slope, which also means there are no side streets within about 500 feet of them on either side. The house has a tiny driveway that can't be extended because the house itself is in the way. Their two Smart fortwos, parked just right, fit in the driveway by a matter of inches. If it weren't for the fortwos, they could only park one car within half a mile or so of their house.

    There is nothing else that justifies a smart fortwo over the competition.

  • Jeff S The Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicles in decades.
  • Nrd515 This is all I could think of seeing this. I saw it in the theater with my dad about 59 years or so ago:
  • Art Vandelay I have no illusions tha my Challenger was going to be a car I wanted to own 10 seconds out of warranty. Fun, sure. Fun in 8 years? Hard pass based on the 2 years I had it
  • ToolGuy Weren't some of the most powerful engines in the M4 Sherman air-cooled? (And supercharged.)
  • ToolGuy "I installed oil temp and cylinder head temp gauges on various vehicles I was driving, so I could monitor how the engine was doing. I switched from my normal 20W50 and dropped to 15W40 oil and put down thousands of miles. Within that time, I saw a noticeable decrease in oil temps and even cylinder head temps while driving in different situations."ToolGuy has great admiration for your use of the scientific method in conducting original research.