Used Car of the Day: 1998 Volvo V90

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

Is it wagon time? It's always wagon time around these parts. And this 1998 Volvo V90 is one of fewer than 10,000 produced. It's one of the last rear-drive Volvo wagons that was built entirely in Sweden.

Despite its relative rarity, the seller wants just $3,850. Underhood sits a 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine. The owner claims that the car is in excellent condition, with no rust and only a single interior light bulb not working. The timing belt and cylinder head have been replaced recently.

Our seller says the car has been very well maintained and that he or she has meticulously tracked service records.

The seller says that the car has high mileage, but I didn't see the exact number in the ad.

Go check it out here if a rear-drive wagon of Swedish descent is your cup of tea.

[Image: Seller]

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Tim Healey
Tim Healey

Tim Healey grew up around the auto-parts business and has always had a love for cars — his parents joke his first word was “‘Vette”. Despite this, he wanted to pursue a career in sports writing but he ended up falling semi-accidentally into the automotive-journalism industry, first at Consumer Guide Automotive and later at He also worked as an industry analyst at Mintel Group and freelanced for, CarFax,, High Gear Media, Torque News,,, among others, and of course Vertical Scope sites such as,, and He’s an urbanite and as such, doesn’t need a daily driver, but if he had one, it would be compact, sporty, and have a manual transmission.

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  • Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs on Mar 03, 2023

    We had and '90 850 turbo that taught us why Volvos are so safe. It's hard to be killed in a car that won't start. A complete lemon back then... I shudder to think of now.

  • Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs on Mar 03, 2023

    I may have the exact models or year wrong but the car was a mess

  • Cbpitt01 Cbpitt01 on Mar 04, 2023

    Your story was written March 2. The link in your story takes you to a post on, where the car was listed for sale on March 1. You say the mileage isn’t listed. It isn’t in the original post, but page down a couple of inches, and right there, also posted on March 1, is the mileage - 282,000.

  • Mak Mak on Aug 30, 2023

    Lols on all the comments here. I sold it for my asking price within a week.

    For all the people that claimed to know the condition, all you had to do was call my mechanic, a guy who specializes in older volvos and ONLY volvos,and who maintained the car since the day I purchased it. He would have told you that the car was in excellent condition. The car came to me with its entire service history including receipts along with an excel spreadsheet of every dollar spent on the car and which i continued until I sold it. I would continue to own it if I had the garage space. It was and is an excellent automobile.

    Suffice to say that this comment section reminded me that there are a ton of zero knowledge armchair experts. Lol.