QOTD: Will Gymkhana Cross the Line?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
qotd will gymkhana cross the line

Earlier today we ran our " video of the week" and it was about Travis Pastrana's recent rip-roaring run across Florida -- all tailor-made for YouTube.

Naturally, I have to wonder if someday someone will get hurt doing this. Yes, there's a lot of money involved here, and I assume that safety is a huge priority -- and having a lot of money on hand sure helps to ensure safety -- but at some point, a line may be crossed or something may simply go wrong.

What say you, B and B? Is this sort of thing harmless, safe entertainment or is it pushing too far?

[Image: Screenshot]

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  • Roadscholar Roadscholar on Dec 08, 2022

    Safety, shmafety....I love it.

  • FreedMike FreedMike on Dec 08, 2022

    The roads were closed down and the stunts were done by pros. All good by me.

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    • Jeanbaptiste Jeanbaptiste on Dec 09, 2022

      Yup. Everyone knows the risks.

  • TDIGuy TDIGuy on Dec 13, 2022

    The problem is not the pros, it's the idiots who try and copy what the pros are doing in these staged and edited videos.