QOTD: AI in Cars?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

qotd ai in cars

GM CEO Mary Barra was talking AI on Fox Business the other day, though she and GM vice president Scott Miller didn't say much in the way of specifics, mostly referencing things like using AI as a voice assistant or for syncing a driver's calendar to the car.

Still, AI is probably coming to cars. I know I think about AI a lot as someone who works in journalism -- is it going to further wreck media? Or will it be a helpful tool? Or something in between or a mix of both?

Back to cars -- how do you think AI could make driving better? How would you use it? Or does it scare you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Peshkova/Shutterstock.com]

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  • Lou_BC Lou_BC 4 days ago

    AI "artificial Intelligence". Something developed by highly flawed human intelligence. What could go wrong? /sarc

  • Slavuta Slavuta 4 days ago

    AI is not as smart as one thinks

    • Lou_BC Lou_BC 3 days ago

      I take it you don't realize what you just said? LOL

  • JK JK 3 days ago

    Interesting point, and sadly you're probably onto something.

    Frankly, I wonder if car aficionados won't all just end up converting old cars to electric so that they can be left alone. I for one am thinking about the Studebaker Avanti in the movie Gattica.

  • Ajla Ajla 3 days ago

    I bested ChatGTP within 3 automotive questions.