Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leaked

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

tesla cybertruck interior leaked

With rumors that Tesla’s Cybertruck is nearing production status, there’s been renewed interest in speculating about what the vehicle will be like. Suggestions have been made that the all-electric pickup’s body will need to be lightly restyled to adhere to certain safety regulations and curiosity has abounded regarding the truck’s interior design. Will it be as staid and minimalist as the cabin in the Model Y or would it include additional instrumentation like the Model X?

Thanks to some leaked photos, we appear to have our answer.

inside of the vehicle seems to be about as basic as it gets. Though it’s worth stating that nobody yet owns one and that the photos provided are of a recent test mule, not of a finished truck.

Still, the interior looks close to being production ready.

The vehicle in question was said to be on display during a recent shareholder event at the company’s Gigafactory in Texas. Our guess is that Tesla likely wouldn’t have brought the test vehicle out if it wasn’t representative of what’s coming.

From the images, we can see the familiar center screen (Model 3/Model Y) and a massive dashboard that’s just sort of there. There is no separate instrumentation in front of the driver and seemingly no stalks for the turn signals. Those controls seem to have been relocated to the octagonal steering wheel — which appears to bridge the gap between a traditional wheel and the steering yoke the company has implemented on certain products.

With there being few buttons to be found anywhere inside Cybertruck, it looks like most tasks will need to be completed via the centrally mounted touchscreen. The only other item worth noting appears to be the center console, which was rumored to be flipped up to create an additional seat.

While the size of the console makes it seem like a possibility, the overall shape leaves one guessing. There’s also a fairly large cubby with a sliding cover that would need to be secure enough to stay closed when flipped upright in order for the area to function as a third seat in the front row.

It’s not the most interesting cabin we’ve seen. But Tesla still has time to tweak things before production. Then again, its customers have been purchasing the similarly barren Model 3 for years. But it’s not yet clear if the kind of people that would buy the brand’s current products are the ones it’s hoping to target with Cybertruck.

[Images: Tesla; Cybertruck Owners Club]

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  • VoGhost VoGhost on May 29, 2023

    All these comments make me all the more excited to have bought TSLA earlier this year. This crew has been wrong every time about Tesla, why stop now?

    It's a pity, given Farago's intent that TTAC be a site for enthusiasts and experts on the auto industry.

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    • VoGhost VoGhost on Jun 02, 2023

      Tesla is up from $184 to $214 in just the last five days. This tells you how knowledgeable these commenters are.

  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on May 30, 2023

    Parts of the second picture look like CGI or airbrushing, especially the side of the seat showing the power seat controls, and the edge of the door with its latch and screws. I'm not convinced this is all real. Maybe none of it is.

    Also, the background with the enbankment with the green grass and cedars or junipers doesn't make me think of Austin - maybe somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

  • NormSV650 You forgot to mention this is not a ground EV but based on Volvo CMA ICE platform. Which is also shared with XC40 and Polestar 2. So it may be a few years old now and not cutting edge as other EV's.
  • Art Vandelay EBFlex puffs peters
  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys for that money, it had better be built by people listening to ABBA
  • Abrar Very easy and understanding explanation about brake paint
  • MaintenanceCosts We need cheaper batteries. This is a difficult proposition at $50k base/$60k as tested but would be pretty compelling at $40k base/$50k as tested.