Putting the Cat to Sleep: Jag Cancels F-Type

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

putting the cat to sleep jag cancels f type

The slinky Jaguar F-Type, a car that looks even better in person than it does in photos – at least to these jaundiced eyes – will have just one more trip around the sun. The company announced today that to celebrate the F-Type’s final model year 75 years of Jaguar sports cars, they’ll be making a limited run of ‘F-Type 75’ special editions – available in both regular and R flavors.

The line-up continues to feature an all-V8 powertrain, offered in P450 AWD and P575 AWD variants. You can guess the horsepower amounts from their trim names, yeah? Or at least as measured in metric ponies which are within a shout of the mechanical horsepower figures generally quoted in North American literature. The 2024 model year will continue to offer an RWD derivative in P450 guise, a model now featuring R-Dynamic design elements in a presumed attempt to clean out the parts bin before production halts later this year.

Future Barrett-Jackson bidders take note: the ‘75’ special editions will be appended with the usual frippery, including special badges and a trim-specific set of gloss black wheels. Standard and R variants of the 75 will have their own wheel design, suggesting JLR is comfortable splashing out a bit of extra cash on this final hurrah. Quad outboard exhausts finish off the rump whilst a smattering of special badges will also appear inside the car.

Speaking of, Jag chooses to describe the cabin as a “1+1 cockpit”, an odd label bringing to mind side-by-side off-road vehicles and the like – which this thing definitely isn’t, of course. What’s next? “Side-by-self”? Whatever nomenclature Jag marketers choose to drag into the company’s next chapter, it can’t be any more convoluted than that.

In case your attention has been elsewhere, Jaguar has designs on becoming an all-electric brand looking forwards beyond 2025. With that plan in place, the V8-powered F-Type makes for a dandy send-off to Jag’s days as purveyors of internal combustion. Confirming this, Matthew Beaven, JLR Chief Designer for Exteriors, spoke of the F-Type’s styling to celebrate their racing and sporty lineage “before Jaguar becomes an all-electric brand from 2025."

Until then, we will enjoy the supercharged 5.0L V8 in these F-Types, amplified by an active exhaust system that permits the sort of crackle-pop-burble which annoys yer irritating neighbors and entertains the cool ones. The 2024 Jag F-Type will be assembled at the company’s Castle Bromwich plant in the UK and first customer deliveries are expected to being Spring this year.

[Image: Jaguar]

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  • Kcflyer Kcflyer on Jan 12, 2023

    Beautiful cars, Jag has always had some of the best designers. But expensive and (reputation only) unreliable is not my cup of tea.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jan 12, 2023

    "...to celebrate their racing and sporty lineage “before Jaguar becomes an all-electric brand from 2025."

    One more moment to celebrate before we cut the cord to any and all history of the brand, basically.

    I agree with the comments above, claiming all EV in a couple years without 1) showing big product plans in advance and 2) linking the new cars to your lineage seems like a 1-2 recipe for a flop.

    And the idea that an EV can't be racing or sporty is false anyway, and that designer should not have phrased it that way. :)

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    • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Jan 12, 2023

      Freed I suspect you are correct.

  • FreedMike I'm going to rebadge my Jetta as an Audi and drink in the profits.
  • Kwik_Shift Looks HyunKia-ish.
  • MrIcky Seems like TTAC writers really want a ford sedan. I remember all the wailing and gnashing of teeth when the fusion went away. It's not an interesting car except to journos and just not what the general population requires. Time to let go.
  • MrIcky Seems like a Mustang for Mustang fans to talk about with other Mustang fans. I just went to the Corvette configutor and built a 2LT Z51 for 79,540, a base 1LT is $65k. Both are arguably nicer, and certainly better performers than this. If a Mustang is going to play in that bracket it has to do something different to beef up the emotional appeal. The supercharger did that, the flat plane crank that revved to >8k (if they worked out the bugs) does that. A 'regular' Mustang V8 with some parts out of the Ford Catalogue doesn't seem to be worth the >60k range.
  • Kcflyer For anywhere over 60k I'm buying a C8 which will run rings around any mustang ever made. I'm a huge mustang fan but......sorry. Now show me a GT with the "good" manual discounted to 40 grand and we can talk.