Peugeot Inception Concept Bows With Wild Looks

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Yes, we know – this is (yet another) concept vehicle that bears little to no reality toward anything its namesake will ever build. And it’s being hawked by a brand with precisely zero consumer presence in this country. So what is it doing on the landing page of our site?

Because just look at the thing! That’s why!

This concept car is called the Peugeot Inception, a name presumably thought of after binge-watching that mind-altering Christopher Nolan movie from about ten years ago. Or, if we’re going by the PR pages, it is taken from the Latin word Inceptio which means "the beginning". In that light, they’re surely speaking towards the brand’s ambition to introduce five new all-electric models in the next two years. Also, Inceptio sounds like a Harry Potter spell – evoked with a swish and flick, naturally.

Right, the car. It is built on the STLA Large platform, a set of bones familiar to anyone paying attention to Stellantis EV reveals in the last 12 months. This concept car a low is described as a sedan saloon measuring about 16.5 feet long and just 52.75 inches high. For comparison, that’s only about a single inch taller than a slinky Jag F-Type.

Precise power numbers aren’t on the table, typical for a concept car, but Stellantis did say there are two compact electric motors: one at the front and another astern. This provides all-wheel drive and somewhere in the neighborhood of 680 horsepower. This should let the thing scoot to 60 mph from rest in less than 3 seconds – if this car were ever to be driven on the road which it won’t so it can’t. The interior is typically minimalist in the style we’ve all come to expect for concept EVs, like it or not, though that dowel-like gauge cluster is a hint of delightful French weirdness.

Still, the Inception is an entertaining shape to behold and provides a peek into what Peugeot has up its sleeve for the future.

[Image: Stellantis]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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