Oh Crap: Sewage Leak Causes Chaos on Connecticut Interstate

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

oh crap sewage leak causes chaos on connecticut interstate

A tractor-trailer leaking sewage onto a portion of I-95 in Connecticut resulted in numerous crashes and some impromptu off-roading this week. Vehicular casualties included a couple of totaled police vehicles that found themselves at the mercy of a truck sliding through human waste. 

While the situation certainly stinks for those involved, it’s okay to laugh. No injuries were reported and the fact that the suspect was charged with having an “unsecured load” is pretty funny.

Reports from the Connecticut State Police specify that the incident took place in Fairfield County around 11 P.M. on July 17th near Bridgeport. A Mack Pinnacle truck hauling sewage on the northbound side of I-95 (Exit 28) was leaking its contents all over the road and motorists were reporting accidents. Several vehicles had either slid off the road or into their fellow motorists. 

Accident reports stipulate a Honda Civic ended up colliding with a concrete barrier and was bounced to the other side of the four-lane interstate until it was stopped by barricades located in the median. Another Honda Civic ended up doing the same in tandem with a CR-V, causing a collision that left both vehicles stranded on the side of the road. Meanwhile, there was a Toyota Avalon that spun out until it was stopped by a wall in the right-most lane. 

A trio of semi trucks also got tangled up in the mess, with one having jacknifed before getting involved in subsequent collisions. But the best has to be the police report pertaining to a Honda CBR600RR motorcycle that couldn’t make it through the river of feces and tossed its rider. While the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital for suspected minor injuries, they were apparently unharmed. But we doubt the same is true for their clothing. 

As for the Connecticut State Police, two troopers responded to the scene and parked their vehicles in the median with their emergency lights on to warn approaching drivers. Having exited their vehicles to offer aid to imperiled motorists, their cruisers were demolished (pictured) by a Freightliner that had lost control. 

But it sounds like things could have been much worse, as the scene was reportedly bad enough to require additional response from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation officials, and the Bridgeport Fire Department. 

The road ended up being closed for three hours so vehicles could be removed, the interstate could be cleaned, and the driver of the sewage truck could be arrested. 

Police documents state that the suspect was a 34-year-old New Haven County man identified as Shaky Joseph of Waterbury. He’s alleged to have been aware that the truck was leaking on the road and was contacted by his employer to stop and wait for state police at Route 8 Exit 17. While released on a $25,000 bond, Joseph is being charged with 12 counts of reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and having an unsecured load. 

[Images: Connecticut State Police]

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