Mercedes to Build Thousands of EV Chargers Globally by 2030

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague
mercedes to build thousands of ev chargers globally by 2030

Say what you will about Tesla, but there’s no denying that the company’s charging network is a huge benefit and differentiator that has played a significant role in its growth and success over the years. Given the number of automakers moving toward electrification and the amount of money entering the arena, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen another manufacturer doing the same. Mercedes-Benz is jumping in to change that, announcing its intention to build a network of 10,000 fast chargers.

Automotive News reported that Mercedes made the announcement at CES. The automaker said its first steps would happen in Canada and the United States. The green energy-powered chargers will expand to Europe and parts of Asia by 2030. The chargers won’t be locked to Mercedes customers like Tesla’s Superchargers were until recently, though owners will receive priority access and special pricing.

The automaker plans to spend billions on developing and implementing the network but believes its investment will become an asset over time. “This is something that you will be able to monetize when you come out of the investment phase,” the company’s CEO noted. Mercedes boss Ola Källenius also believes customers deserve a seamless charging experience and easy long-distance travel. 

Källenius said the company would not be slow with the rollout. “We won’t take a wait-and-see approach for this to be built,” he noted. The company appears to back that sentiment up with action plans, saying it would build more than 400 charging locations and 2,500 chargers across North America.

[Image: Mercedes-Benz]

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  • Slavuta Slavuta on Jan 07, 2023

    Good they clarified, "The automaker said its first steps would happen in Canada and the United States." Because Europe is dead

  • 285exp 285exp on Jan 10, 2023

    Wow! Thousands, worldwide! Yeah, boy, that’ll solve the charging infrastructure problem!

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