Hybrid All-Wheel Drive Chevy Corvette ERay Online Configurator Leaked

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague
hybrid all wheel drive chevy corvette eray online configurator leaked

Chevy is selling all the Corvette and Corvette Z06 models it can build, driving wait times for some models into the years-long timeframe. That gives buyers a lot of time to think while they wait for their new mid-engine sports car to show up. Bummer, yes, but never underestimate the magic a bored, obsessed enthusiast can make with a little extra time on their hands. One of them just dug up a hidden configurator for the upcoming electric Corvette, dubbed the ERay. It’s important to note that we’re likely looking at a hybrid here, not a Corvette EV or PHEV.

Corvette Blogger reported the leak, which quickly made the rounds on various Corvette forums. Images of the Chevy visualizer show a car with styling similar to the standard gas-powered ‘Vettes we have today. There’s plenty of time for things to change between now and the ERay’s release, but the now-taken-down website showed a handful of wheel designs, at least 10 interior color and material combinations, and several colors, three of which are new.

The ERay images show a hybrid Corvette. As Corvette Blogger pointed out, an interior show depicts the regen on demand button, which enables one-pedal driving and adjustable regenerative braking. It’s next to an auto stop-start control, so ERay buyers will have yet another button to push before setting off each time. Importantly, the electric motor(s) will be mounted on the front axle, giving the car all-wheel drive. 

It’s unclear when the 2024 Corvette ERay will make an official appearance, but it’s sure to make a splash when it does. The white New Balance-wearing gang is only just warming up to the mid-engine design, so it’ll likely be the end of the decade before old-timers accept an electrified ‘Vette.

[Image: Chevrolet]

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  • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Dec 10, 2022

    Somebody is going to have a bit of heat to contend with for the mistake of releasing the information on the car, but I'm happy to see the Vette embrace the future. The diehards who lament the loss of the front engine and chrome wheels may not be happy but they are on the "wrong" side of the curve. The Vette must progress lest it become a relic of the past chasing an ever-shrinking traditional customer base. As long as the performance is there, I'm in! Doubt I'd sell my C7, but an E-Ray next to it in the garage is certainly something I'd consider.

  • DesertNative DesertNative on Dec 12, 2022

    It wouldn't surprise me if GM "mistakenly" released this configurator and then pulled it back as an intentional teaser for the Corvette community. It's a great way to generate some early buzz.

  • ToolGuy The [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeep_Cherokee_(XJ)]XJ platform[/url] is super interesting to me, more so after owning one and working on it some (but not a lot, because it didn't need a lot). The overall size is almost perfect; add more space to the back seat (and carry it to the wheelbase) if we are starting over.One could argue, if one knew anything about vehicles, that the 4-door XJ is a major reason why U.S. fleet [all of everyone's vehicles averaged together] fuel economy is so bad in 2023.
  • ToolGuy ToolGuy can't solve all the issues raised here tonight, but this does remind me that I have some very excellent strawberry jam direct from Paris in the fridge.
  • ToolGuy Cool.(ToolGuy supports technology advancement, as well as third-person references)
  • MaintenanceCosts Oddly enough, I bought a metal-roof convertible for a bit less than $20k last year. But it's not on your list; it's an E93 335i, manual, Sport package. Really really nice car to drive, and (while it's been a short time) it's been flawless so far.
  • FreedMike IS350 all the way. The Benz and the BMW are going to be money pits.