Ford Teases Next F-150, Full Reveal Tomorrow

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

ford teases f 150 full reveal tomorrow

Can manufacturers tend to enjoy shrouding their upcoming vehicles in a cloud of ranchland dust or billowing tire smoke – depending on what they’re trying to keep under wraps, of course. Pickup trucks often get the former, which is exactly what was deployed for a brief teaser video for the next F-150 which popped up on Instagram just one day before the entire thing is revealed in Detroit.

These screencaps confirm we’re looking at what most would consider a so-called mid-cycle refresh, with new lights and different grille treatments serving as relatively cost-effective ways to juice interest in an existing model. Beats having to reform yaffles of bodywork and stamp out new fenders, anyway.

Peering through the dust we can easily see the 2024 F-150’s new headlights, units that still possess some of the ‘c-clamp’ styling flourish but whose outside upper corners now dip backward toward the A-pillar. Expect these to be the peepers on upper trims, such as the Platinum shown here. One can tell this is a Platinum thanks to the brightwork billboard spelling out that trim across the leading edge of this truck’s hood.

The grille on this Platinum is slightly different than last year, with something of a horizontal gap bifurcating the space that aligns with design features in the headlamps. The belt buckle Ford logo is still centered, of course, and it would be an interesting exercise to see how much that badge has grown in the last few decades. Hmm. Stay tuned for that.

Around the back it's not tough to see the tail lamps have been massaged, perhaps incorporating new sensors and the like. This suggests some tools like the nifty payload indicators, which illuminate in the same manner as signal strength bars on a smartphone, could be shuffled to a new area. This author highly doubts they will vanish, such is their innovative usefulness.

We’ll find out tomorrow if there are changes under the hood, though F-150’s powertrain selection is arguably already the broadest in the segment. Ditto for any tailgate innovations to rival the barn doors at Ram or origami units at GM, though we will argue Ford started that particular party with the man step all those years ago.

We’ll surely have all the details after they drop tomorrow.

[Images: Ford Instagram]

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  • TheDrake I owned a ‘69 GT back in the mid seventies and it was a great little car. The 1.9 liter engine in a rwd car that weighed around 2,000 lbs made for a fun ride. Maybe the best handling car I ever drove, felt like it was on rails.
  • Dukeisduke I thought that was a picture from "Faster with Finnegan", I mean, "Faster with Cotten and Newbern".
  • Analoggrotto Telluride is such a hit that Ford is offering to License them with aftermarket accessories. Excellent use of visuals, a real Pulitzer here!
  • SCE to AUX "Vehicle owners can renew their registrations online"I do that already. And why would I want to automatically renew a plate on a perishable car?PS: Why does the photo show an early-build Kia Telluride when the story is about new Fords?