Ford Releases More Details for Mustang Dark Horse UPDATED

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

ford releases more details for mustang dark horse

Set to saddle up atop the Mustang line when it appears in dealers this summer – well, until other variants inevitably appear, perhaps denoted by a name we won’t mention but starts with ‘S’ and ends in ‘helby’ – the Dark Horse will apparently also feature a raft of details not found on other trims.

And that paint? It’s actually Blue Ember – but we’re calling it Modern Mystichrome.

Fans of old-school Fords (hi, Sajeev!) often speak of Mystichrome in hushed tones generally reserved for talking about the secrets of the universe or Katy Perry’s [redacted]. This time around, Blue Ember metallic is described as a shade that features special effect pigments of deep blues infused with an amber hue to give it a highly dramatic color shift in different lights and angles. Good enough for us. With special effect pigments used in a higher volume than other paints to enhance the color by reflecting light, there’s a decent chance this hue will be a decently expensive option.

Ed. note -- Now that the Chicago Auto Show floor is open, we had the chance to get some pics. Sadly they are a bit blurry -- the lighting situation was not great.

Speaking of options, Ford will be offering a couple of go-faster painted stripes on the Dark Horse, apparently painted by hand in a specialized process different from other Mustang trims. Other vinyl graphics will be on tap, ones which can be layered in a festival of gloss black or so-called Tarnished Dark. Future bidders at Barrett-Jackson will need to pay attention.

Interior details will include the likes of a blue anodized shifter knob, a unique flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in suede, and bright blue stitching across items like the door panels and seats. We already knew the Dark Horse would have a huge expanse of integrated glass across its dashboard, housing an instrument cluster ahead of the driver and a 13.2-inch infotainment screen in the center stack. We’re looking forward to trying that Drift Brake, a feature that looks like a traditional handbrake lever but actually modulates the rear wheels to a full lock whilst in Track mode.

Ford promises the Dark Horse will be the most powerful naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 Mustang ever, delivering wild 500 horsepower, up from 486 ponies in the GT trim. Torque in both cars should be the same: 418 lb.-ft of twist.

[Image: Ford]

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  • IBx1 IBx1 on Feb 09, 2023

    I'd much rather spend the money for nicer paint on Blue Ember than on a slightly different shade of light black metallic or gloss medium white like some German companies will charge.

  • Zipper69 Zipper69 on Feb 09, 2023

    Did I miss the posting that mentions PRICE ?

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  • Probert Wow - so many digital renders - Ford, Stellantis. - whose next!!! They're really bringing it on....
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  • Aidian Holder I'm not interested in buying anything from a company that deliberately targets all their production in crappy union-busting states. Ford decided to build their EV manufaturing in Tennessee. The company built it there because of an anti-union legal environment. I won't buy another Ford because of that. I've owned four Fords to date -- three of them pickups. I'm shopping for a new one. It won't be a Ford Lightning. If you care about your fellow workers, you won't buy one either.