Ford Performance Introduces 700hp Kit for F-150

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

ford performance introduces 700hp kit for f 150

It’s been ages since the venerable 5.0L V8 engine has been the F-150’s volume seller, but that hasn’t stopped some gearheads deep within the skunkworks of Ford Performance from coming up with a relatively affordable supercharger kit for the mill – one which cranks the wick to 700 horsepower.

The suggestion this $12,350 kit will take your F-150 “to the next level” is about the same grade of understatement as saying Vesuvius barely covered Pompeii. An enormous Whipple Supercharger displacing 3.0L – meaning the part customers are adding to their V8 technically has more displacement than most cars on European roads – juices the 5.0L to 700 horsepower and 590 lb.-ft of torque. No other mechanical upgrades are mentioned, beyond a rear lowering kit, so tucking aside some simoleons for a brake upgrade may be a good idea.

In addition to the power adder, the kit comes with a bunch of appearance items such as a fender badges, body stripes, and a gloss black grille. Speed freaks intent on building a sleeper will smartly and instantly shill these parts on eBay. Rounding out the largesse are a set of 22-inch wheels which look not unlike the ones found on Expedition SUVs with the so-called Stealth Package. Ford must’ve found a bunch of extras in a warehouse that showed up during Covid but no one noticed.

Here’s the best part: this kit may be fitted onto just about any 2021-2023 V8-powered F-150, including the el-cheapo two-wheel drive XL trim with a regular cab. This means one can spec a 5.0L V8 truck with two doors and a short box for $37,925 including destination, add the supercharger kit, and be out the door with 700 horsepower for roughly 50 grand plus taxes. But, for the love of god, spend an extra $420 on a rear locker, okay?

A similarly powered Raptor R is twice that price (admittedly with far more capable suspension and more standard kit), while a 740-horse McLaren 750S is likely to spoil the better part of 400,000 bucks. Sure, those two examples are extremes and do not compete in any way with a base model F-150, but it makes the point about this kit’s ability to produce towering horsepower for relatively little scratch.

[Image: Ford]

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