Fisker Begins U.S. Deliveries in California

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

fisker begins u s deliveries in california

As EVs slowly grow in prominence, new automakers have sprung up like spring flowers, but it’s not always clear if they’ll actually produce a vehicle. A quick look around the industry reveals a handful of once-exciting automakers that have since fizzled, but Henrik Fisker’s company isn’t one of them. Despite a long wait for its inaugural EV, Fisker has begun U.S. deliveries of the Ocean SUV, making it one of the few to make it through the gauntlet with a real product.

Fisker’s progress is impressive, but it didn’t do the work alone. The company partnered with Magna, an automotive manufacturing and supply chain powerhouse, to build the Ocean. The pair met their production timelines and are now delivering EVs as promised, and the first customers in the U.S. are receiving deliveries, though only in California for now. The automaker delivered 22 Launch Edition SUVs, its largest group of vehicles to land so far, and Fisker said it plans to continue the pace through the summer. 

The EPA certified 360 miles of range for the Ocean, placing it firmly in the ranks of America’s longest-range EVs. Early Launch Edition models hit the street with an almost-$70,000 price tag, but future iterations will come with a much more reasonable sub-$40,000 MSRP. That said, Fisker’s next obstacle will be reaching a level of production efficiency to afford that number, so there are still challenges ahead for the fledgling automaker.

[Image: Fisker]

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