Bronco Turns 58, Throws Itself a Party

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

bronco turns 58 throws itself a party

Ford is adding some new options to the almighty Bronco Raptor for 2024, including an array of snazzy colors and trim. But the Real Ones know that’s not the biggest news – not when Ford says the Everglades is returning thanks to popular demand.

That trim, as you may recall, imbues the Bronco with a host of off-road kit including burly winch provisions and a snorkel that’s far better designed than the sad-sack unit which popped up briefly on the last-gen Tacoma. With that effort, Big T owners were instructed to swivel the snorkel head backward in inclement weather, lest the thing ingest rain or snow or small schoolchildren. In practice, it looked moronic. 

Ford chose to shape its snorkel like a blade, meaning owners need only swap a blocking plate from back to front, avoiding the ignominy of Toyota’s so-called solution. Despite packing the smallest engine available in Bronco’s lineup, the Everglades was this author’s pick of the litter – aided by its off-road prowess and a snorkel which unintentionally introduced a turbo whistle to the party.

Anyway – back to the matter at hand. For 2024, Raptor variants can be had with a Code Orange package which adds a skiff of that hue to the exterior and interior, including those expressive graphics and beadlock rings on the 17-inch wheels. Tow hooks and seatbelts also get the treatment, paired with either black or blue interior upholstery. Hooray for a return to Real ColorsTM in our world. Now all Ford has to do is bring back that Bordello Red from the early ‘90s and we’re all set. 

There are also a couple of new paint choices for the 2024 model year: Shelter Green and Velocity Blue. Color-keyed fenders are now in the hopper for Raptor. Buried in the bumf is a notation the 12.0-inch touchscreen will be standard on all 2024 Bronco and Bronco Raptors, which is arguably the biggest news of all in terms of benefiting the overall customer base. Plus, the Badlands trim will add that heavy-duty modular front bumper as standard gear.

Order books open next week, with pricing to arrive around the same time.

[Images: Ford]

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  • Scott Scott on Aug 11, 2023

    "Bronco Turns 58"

    Is that counting the years it was dead?

    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Aug 11, 2023

      "Is that counting the years is was dead?"

      I'm not sure how resurrection plays in the picture. I recall Catholics believed in limbo, purgatory, hell, and heaven. Does Ford?

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Aug 11, 2023

    Paint and trim stuff? I'd rather see an anniversary Coyote 5.0 under the hood.

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