Bridgestone Partners With Lamborghini on New Tire for Sterrato Off-Road Supercar

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

bridgestone partners with lamborghini on new tire for sterrato off road supercar

Run-flat tires are hit or miss with performance. Automakers have installed them on new cars with mixed reviews, as older versions could be too rigid. The tires have become better over the years, to the point that they no longer bring the performance penalty they once did. Bridgestone wants to take run-flat tires to the exotic world, but not for use on the road. The company was selected as Lamborghini’s exclusive partner to produce tires for the new Sterrato off-road supercar.

The V10-powered, all-wheel drive Lambo gets custom Bridgestone Duelers in two sizes for the front and rear wheels. Lamborghini will offer a special Bridgestone Blizzak model as a dealer-installed option. 

Bridgestone said its Dueler All-Terrain AT002 tires are made in exclusive sizes for the Sterrato and can run up to 50 miles at 50 miles per hour with no pressure. The company noted that the tire is designed to offer strong on- and off-road performance and promised a new rubber compound to improve grip in gravel and mud. 

The Sterrato may be an excellent use-case for run-flat tires, as they offer confidence to go off-road and make it home, even with a puncture. The car doesn’t need max-performance tires for light trail driving, and its slightly lifted suspension means that it likely won’t be used on a track. The run-flat tires don’t perform at the level of a dedicated summer tire on pavement, so buyers may need to upgrade if they don’t plan on taking their Lamborghini off-road. 

[Image: Bridgestone]

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