2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Getting “Selfie” Cameras, TikTok Integration, Bigger Screen

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

2024 mercedes benz e class getting selfie cameras tiktok integration bigger screen

On Wednesday, Mercedes-Benz made a string of announcements pertaining to novel tech features it plans on implementing – including partnering with Google to determine how it can leverage cloud-based artificial intelligence into the navigation system. But we’re here to talk about the E-Class specifically, which is poised to get a touchscreen spanning the entire dashboard, integrated interior cameras where the focus is always on the driver, and a new version of the MBUX interface that comes with TikTok and Zoom.

You might remember the E-Class as the best way to get into some of Mercedes’ juiciest powertrains. But its role has reverted back toward being a dedicated luxury cruiser living in the imposing shadow of the S-Class. That means the manufacturer has placed a greater emphasis on tech and ditched special variants offering large engines it eventually decided to stop producing entirely. Meanwhile, the S-Class has grown more audacious in terms of interior styling and technology features the brand would eventually like to see migrate to other models.

With the E-Class due for an overhaul next year, it’ll be getting more than a few of those for itself.

According to Mercedes, the model will receive “new, intelligent functions in interior systems” and faster data transfers thanks to 5G implementation. The brand expects data and connectivity to be a central part of the business moving forward and will be outfitting the E-Class to fit the bill. This will be achieved via the new “MBUX Entertainment Plus” package. However, the company plans on implementing loads of physical enhancements designed to set the model apart – unless you splurged on an S-Class.

The company led with a sound visualizer that works with the ambient lighting system to create a club-like atmosphere where the color and intensity of lights change with the beat. But the system will be made even more impressive thanks to Mercedes offering a new switchable touch screen that spans the entire dashboard. This unit allows for direct control of numerous vehicle functions and can also be swapped over to infotainment mode, with the front passenger having the ability to surf the web (Mercedes offers Vivaldi as the default browser) or stream videos. Though that’s just for starters.

From Mercedes-Benz:

The entertainment program in the E-Class is more interactive than ever. The software experts at Mercedes-Benz developed a new compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps. The following apps are available on the central display at launch of the E-Class: TikTok, the game Angry Birds, the collaboration app Webex, the video conferencing app Zoom and the web browser Vivaldi. In addition, the optional ZYNC entertainment portal offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, sports, news, games and much more on the central and passenger displays, via one user interface.
Another new feature is a selfie and video camera (part of the optional MBUX Superscreen) on top of the dashboard. When the vehicle is stationary, the driver can participate in online video conferences via Webex or Zoom, and take photos and videos.

With the European Union striving to require that new models come with driver monitoring cameras for the stated purpose of preventing distracted driving, in-cabin cameras are cropping up everywhere. But literally everything Mercedes is offering here sounds like something that would actively discourage someone from remaining focused on the task at hand. Studies have already proven that touchscreen interfaces take more time and attention than traditional switchgear. But the industry leaders remain committed to fleshing out modern infotainment systems so they can dazzle prospective customers and leverage them into boosting after-sale profitability.

There’s also no guarantee that subsequent mandates won’t eventually require manufacturers to provide the government direct access to in-cabin cameras (a concept that’s currently being piloted in China) and we know automakers are already skimming loads of personal data for themselves.

But it’s not all bad news.

Having a mostly digitized interface does mean enhanced customization opportunities, with Mercedes offering a handful of user interface modes and styles that can be further customized by the driver. Icons have been tweaked to more closely resemble apps as they appear on your mobile device. Image filtering (working in tandem with the in-cabin camera) will likewise block the driver from seeing some of the distracting features that will still be available for passengers to use. Some of those dancing lights that are tied to the sound system are also said to be capable of being repurposed to work with various driver assistance features.

That’s basically all Mercedes is willing to give up at the moment. The company has not yet specified what type of powertrains will be offered or even formally showcased what the 2024 model year will look like. Though we’ve already seen leaks and teasers highlighting its updated design, with just about everyone operating under the assumption that there will be hybridized and battery electric variants on offer.

The car is supposed to debut later this year, so we're likely only a few months away from having all questions answered.

[Images: Daimler AG]

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  • BEPLA BEPLA on Feb 25, 2023

    I saw this on the MB instagram feed.

    I asked "Will there be a version with a large swathe of wood, and a reasonably-sized screen in the center with a row of buttons beneath it?"

    I have yet to be notified of an answer.

    (I also asked on another thread when MB would be bringing out a fully-electric E Coupe & Cabriolet - because if Maserati could do it.....)

  • Carsofchaos Carsofchaos on Mar 10, 2023

    Yeeesh. This sounds like a rolling nightmare to me. I'll stick with my Volvo C30's analog gauges and dated, 80s-esqe centre stack. Now get off my lawn.

  • ScarecrowRepair How much is the $ub$cription for those facing seats? How much extra to have both face backwards, or to have a button to switch the facing-in seats to face outwards when the kids' arguments get too distracting? Is there an option to be sideways facing each other?
  • Deanst We seemed to have passed peak Hyundai/Kia design appeal. There is nothing clever or appealing to the exterior - the eye is drawn to awkward and inconsistent treatments. The interior - which I’m sure has decent materials - seems to be something that might excite Lee Iacocca’s grandson. In the meantime, I question the sanity of anyone buying a $20,000 H/K vehicle with a 2 litre engine.
  • Ajla The problem with "gushing" Genesis reviews is that they seem to take place in a world where the only cars are Genesis and the 1999 Kia Sephia. Is this better than an S-Class, 7-series, LS500, A8, Lucid Air, or Panamera Executive? Or is everyone the prettiest girl in town?
  • Lou_BC Don't miss AM or FM radio at all. I don't miss satellite radio either. Spotify or downloaded content on my cell is all I need.
  • Lou_BC I see plenty of these around. Most small delivery companies in my town are using tiny cars like the Kia Soul with a rear seat delete and a flat pan installed.