2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat Owner Wants to Sue Dodge ... for Making More Durango Hellcats

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

2021 dodge durango hellcat owner wants to sue dodge for making more durango hellcats

When the 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat launched, Dodge told the world that production would be limited.

Well, in a wanton act of capitalism, the brand has backpedaled on that and chosen to build more.

One owner is so incensed about the potential hit to resale value that he's planning to file suit over it.

A gentleman named Stacy, who apparently is keeping his last name withheld for privacy reasons, has told a Facebook group for Durango Hellcat owners that he plans on working with an attorney to take legal action. Supposedly he and the lawyer are looking into possible damages but might settle for Dodge simply not making more.

To recap: Dodge said they'd only make 2,000 of these vehicles but ultimately built 3,000. Dodge is now going to build more before the Hellcat engine fades away along with the Challenger and Charger muscle cars.

Stacy thinks that Dodge planned to build more all along and lied about the performance SUV being so limited in order to boost attention. Dodge declined to comment to The Drive.

Stacy thinks statements made by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis and in press materials made it clear that Dodge would only have a one-year model run.

We're not sure if Stacy has any legal ground to stand on here -- we're not lawyers -- but we will be keeping an eye on this story if legal action is taken.

[Image: Dodge]

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy 6 days ago

    Stacy's mom has got it goin' on.

  • Ravenuer Ravenuer 6 days ago

    Did "Stacy" get a legal document signed by Stellantis saying they wont build anymore? If not, she doesn't have a case.

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC 6 days ago

    It's a Dodge. That alone will mean that there will be a high attrition rate.

    • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later 5 days ago

      I feel like these will survive a bit longer than base model Chrycos because of what they are and who will buy them new (and used).

  • Bufguy Bufguy 5 days ago

    What was the economic loss from increasing the number from 2000 to 3000? I'm sure it is negligible. Offer $1000 on a future Chrysler product and move on