Housekeeping: Happy Fourth of July

housekeeping happy fourth of july

Once again, it’s time to, and I quote The Simpsons: “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it.”

So that means we’re off on the Fourth of July.

But wait, there’s more!

Both your intrepid managing editor and news contributor Matt Posky have vacation planned for the first week of July. So Matthew Guy will be mostly holding down the fort.

Because of the planned time off and because it’s a slow news week anyway, there won’t be a ton of fresh content, but you’ll see some previously scheduled works. The site will not be totally barren!

I’ll be in an exotic place called Florida, so I’ll have internet access if I need to pull myself away from the bars and beaches if news breaks, but otherwise, expect the site to have more of an eclectic mix of posts than usual.

Don’t drink and drive, don’t blow off any limbs, leave fireworks to the professionals, take the proper Covid precautions, and wear sunscreen. Be safe.

See you on the other side.

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  • Jeff S Jeff S on Jul 03, 2022

    Dude you seem to thrive on this and I didn't see Syke's comment as starting a political discussion maybe it was stupid but it didn't start the discussion. Art you seem to get off on the political crap as well but Happy 4th anyway.

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    • EBFlex EBFlex on Jul 04, 2022

      @EBFlex We are waiting for you to finish your thought. Or is this the new game you’re playing? I can play too: @Jeff S??????

  • Mikey Mikey on Jul 04, 2022

    A happy July 4th to my American friends... ! A working day up here in the not so frozen north.. I just dropped my recently acquired 19 Camaro RS convert into the detail shop this morning. Just pumped to see what it looks like after three young guy have done their magic ! (Just thought I work steer the conversation back to cars ) Enjoy your day folks !

    • Dave M. Dave M. on Jul 04, 2022

      Congrats on the ‘vert, Mikey. Once the sun goes down here in TX a convertible is hella fun.

  • DenverMike When was it ever a mystery? The Fairmont maybe, but only the 4-door "Futura" trim, that was distinctively upscale. The Citation and Volare didn't have competing trims, nor was there a base stripper Maxima at the time, if ever, crank windows, vinyl seats, 2-doors, etc. So it wasn't a "massacre", not even in spirit, just different market segments. It could be that the Maxima was intended to compete with those, but everything coming from Japan at the time had to take it up a notch, if not two.Thanks to the Japanese "voluntary" trade restriction, everything had extra options, if not hard loaded. The restriction limited how many vehicles were shipped, not what they retailed at. So Japanese automakers naturally raised the "price" (or stakes) without raising MSRP. What the dealers charged (gouged) was a different story.Realistically, the Maxima was going up against entry luxury sedans (except Cimarron lol), especially Euro/German, same as the Cressida. It definitely worked in Japanese automaker's favor, not to mention inspiring Lexus, Acura and Infiniti.
  • Ronnie Schreiber Hydrocarbon based fuels have become unreliable? More expensive at the moment but I haven't seen any lines gathering around gas stations lately, have you? I'm old enough to remember actual gasoline shortages in 1973 and 1979 (of course, since then there have been many recoverable oil deposits discovered around the world plus the introduction of fracking). Consumers Power is still supplying me with natural gas. I recently went camping and had no problem buying propane.Texas had grid problems last winter because they replaced fossil fueled power plants with wind and solar, which didn't work in the cold weather. That's the definition of unreliable.I'm an "all of the above" guy when it comes to energy: fossil fuels, hydro, wind (where it makes sense), nuclear (including funding for fusion research), and possibly solar.Environmental activists, it seems to me, have no interest in energy diversity. Based on what's happened in Sri Lanka and the push against agriculture in Europe and Canada, I think it's safe to say that some folks want most of us to live like medieval peasants to save the planet for their own private jets.
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  • MaintenanceCosts There's no mystery anymore about how the Japanese took over the prestige spot in the US mass market (especially on the west coast) when you realize that this thing was up against the likes of the Fairmont, Citation, and Volaré. A massacre.