By on May 24, 2022

Hyundai has widened a recall for so-called ‘exploding seatbelts’ to 239,000 vehicles. Model-year 2019-2022 Accents and 2021-2023 Elantras are the targets of the recall.

The recall revolves around seatbelt pretensioners that can explode in the event of an accident.

Seatbelt pretensioners are meant to use an explosion to retract rapidly. However, these particular pretensioners may be exploding uncontrollably (giggle stifled) and sending shrapnel flying.

Hyundai is aware of three such incidents happening thus far, two in the U.S. and one in Singapore. The design appears to be at fault, though Hyundai says that it has not seen the same problem in other models. That may have something to do with how the structure of these models performs in a collision.

Hyundai is in the process of reaching out to the owners of the affected vehicles.

Hyundai plans to replace the defective pretensioners with a modified design that includes a pressure relief valve. This valve will, of course, be designed to keep the device from exploding when a crash occurs.

[Image: Hyundai]

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11 Comments on “Hyundai Recalls Accents, Elantras Due to Seatbelt Pretensioner Problems...”

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    Seatbelt pretensioners, not airbag pretensioners.

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    Seatbelt pretensioners, not airbag pretensioners. Need a headline correction.

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    If I were in charge of Hyundai, I have a come to Jesus moment with entire company. It is the culture of the corporation that is rotten and wrong. Instead of product reliability and safety, they prioritize design over everything. Every year Sonata, or Sportage change designs. Inside and out. Or Genesis this and that. That takes resources away from reliability.

    Instead of hiring Japanese Quality Control engineers, they hire Audi and BMW design and performance executives who never have to worry about age of vehicles with those German brands that are mainly leased.

    How often do you see Honda or Toyota with engine fires and components exploding every other day?

    Until Korean car manufacturers start to emphasize safety and reliability over design and new this and that gimmick, this continues.

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      @pmirp1 – 100% agree. I’ve been saying that for a while as well, but the quickest way to get into a war on a car site is to be mean towards Hyundai/Kia/Genesis.

      H/K/G wants the flashy object. They want the “what’s hot now” way of doing things. That’s why their cars have become a hodgepodge of styling cues either lifted from other designs or overdone elements to appeal to the “ooh – shiny object, must have” crowd. Does anyone actually think those grotesque LED strips that crawl up the hood of the Sonata actually look good? A year later, I’ve seen some already dead or fading. I see far more 10 year old Japanese cars on the roads than I see 10 year old Korean cars for one main reason. H/K/G don’t sweat the details. They don’t have the same culture for quality as the rest. It’s cram as much as you can into a price point and make it work. And now you get recalls that involve parking the vehicle outside or your seatbelt retractor blowing up on you.

      And before anyone accuses me of being mean, I can scream the same thing at VW. Throw the contents of a $40,000 car into a $28,000 car and make it work. What could go wrong?

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      “How often do you see Honda or Toyota with engine fires and components exploding every other day?”

      Fairly often, in fact.

      US government investigating 1.9 million RAV4s for possible engine fires:

      Toyota recalls 1 million Priuses for fire risk:,lead%20to%20an%20engine%20fire.

      Honda is recalling over 1.4 million vehicles in the U.S. to repair drive shafts that can break, window switches that can overheat and a software flaw.

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    Flying fan>

    “but the quickest way to get into a war on a car site is to be mean towards Hyundai/Kia/Genesis.”

    Tell me about it. I almost got “DEADWeighted” off this site from the H/K lovers.
    Some of my multiple sins included, H/K…..
    -ride quality is not sweated over. Bounce -rebound ….
    -crap interiors. 5 year old seats look 10 yr old
    -that car in front of you at the red light with 1 or 2 stop lamps burned out? It will be a H/K 4 of 5 times.

    These were met with, redapple the troll. the H/K hater …..

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      Anecdotally, my daughter and my ex-gf have had four Hyundais between them. My ex ended up putting 100,000 miles plus on two of hers. No major issues with any of them. My mom is on her second Kia, with no issues. Several commenters here have had H/K product as well, and I’m not hearing any big complaints for them.

      Clearly the brand’s doing something right, but if you don’t want to buy from them, no one’s forcing you to do so.

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        You win. I ll go back in my cave where trolls belong.

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        The auto doorlocks on things like Souls or Elantras ALL fail eventually. Sometimes more than once The dealers have overpriced kits to fix them. Nice little earner for the service department. Water leaks into the ABS module on Elantra class cars and CUVS — fires. Poorly made cranks in the 2.4 GDI engine that takes out bearings, for ten years! — often fires.

        Sherr, most of them those H/K work most of the time, but so do many VWs. The culture at the H/K companies is freaky. Profit-driven to excess. Hyundai feels it HAS to have poor-quality FCV vehicles to compete with Toyota, half-assed hybrids and so on — it’s paranoid that anyone else should somehow outdo them in any perceived technical way that would affect braying ad copy, so spreads its resources thin on many things. Like half-assed copies of DSG transmissions, their own so-so copies of the 8 speed ZF automatic whch was the turnoff for me on a Genesis G70, just bloody awful when you suddenly lift off on full throttle, etc. I agree with the poster who said they’re the shiny new toy car company. All these N line cars that aren’t really that close to a Civic R. Next thing they’ll make a poor copy of the Toyota Taris/Corolla GR. ‘Cuz they just cannot bear to not have for sale some second-rate version of what the real companies are making.

        Whatever, they can keep ’em so far as I’m concerned.

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    I have been driving the ID.4 for about 11 months now with 17k miles. There have been some issues but I like the car. I will not purchase another VW as the software interface is so bad and they have not had an update in the U.S. yet. They have promised over and over but the can keeps getting kicked down the road while the EU has had updates.

    I have preordered another EV from a major manufacturer and it is scheduled to arrive in 2023. The ID.4 will be dumped.

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    In order to avoid confusion and bring truth to marketing, the next vehicle to be produced by H/K will be named the Hyundai Recall.

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