Ford Tourneo Custom EV Teased Ahead of Reveal

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
ford tourneo custom ev teased ahead of reveal

Ford’s commercial vehicle arm has been teasing the upcoming Tourneo Custom EV ahead of its formal debut on May 9th, 2022. Ford Pro is eager to expand its lineup of all-electric light commercial vehicles and has already started production of the E-Transit, making the Euro-focused Tourneo the next model queued to be juiced up.

With the company targeting carbon neutrality on the European market by 2035, Ford said the passenger van represented an important milestone in achieving those goals. Though the overarching plan includes launching seven new EVs for the European market by 2024, including the Puma crossover the United States probably should have been issued instead of the EcoSport, and the retooling of numerous factories in preparation of all-electric powertrains.

Ford Pro eventually wants to see the E-Transit and Tourneo Custom EV to be accompanied by electric versions of the Transit Courier, Tourneo Courier, and Transit Custom. The Customs are all expected to launch in 2023, whereas the smaller Courier vans probably won’t hit the streets until 2024.

There are additional plans to launch two electrified crossovers leveraging Volkswagen’s MEB platform in Europe. The first of these is supposed to be a five-seat midsizer with a range of 310 miles that’s entering production at the Ford Cologne Electrification Center in Germany for 2023. The other is alleged to be a sporting crossover, launching in 2024, we probably won’t see debut until sometime next year.

As for the Tourneo Custom, it’s replacing the model that debuted in 2012 (facelifted in 2017) and will likely retain the option to select gasoline, diesel, mild-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid powertrains if all-electric propulsion doesn’t suit a fleet’s needs for an MPV. It’s also presumed to serve as the template for Volkswagen’s next Transporter, thanks to the collaborative development arrangement between Ford and VW.

[Images: Ford Motor Co.]

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