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“Early morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky” — so goes the lyric from one of my favorite ’80s rock songs, U2’s great “Pride (In the Name of Love), referencing the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., which of course took place on a fateful spring day.

Now that I’ve burned that lede from the list of possible references to be used someday, let me pivot to something that’s happening this coming April 4 — something much less serious than the death of a civil-rights activist.

The wraps come off the 2023 Honda HR-V.

I know you’re excited for the next generation of Honda’s smallest crossover. OK, that may or may not have been sarcasm — read into it what you will. What I do know, for real, is that Honda claims it’s all part of a broader campaign that it considers the “Year of the SUV.” No further detail is provided, but presumably, that means the brand is planning on launching several new or redesigned SUVs in 2022.


All we get to go on, in terms of details about the next HR-V, is the photo above. No other details have been announced.

Those with a sense of the automotive calendar will note that the reveal date is about a week prior to the press days of the 2022 New York Auto Show. Presumably (there’s that word again) Honda is looking to steal some spotlight before the full slate of action at Javits — and that also likely means the vehicle will be on the show floor for journalists to grope and photograph.

[Image: Honda]

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14 Comments on “HReV Up Your Engines — Honda Announces HR-V Reveal Date...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Design updates are expected, but what would be newsworthy from Honda is the actual availability of this car – or any car.

    New product introductions don’t mean anything if you can’t buy the product. Sort of like those amazing Aventadors that went to the bottom of the Atlantic.

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    Here’s hoping they add the 1.5T as an under-hood option.

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    I see you shiver with antici…………………………………………pation.

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    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    In it’s current iteration is arguably one of the worst vehicles on the market for interior space in its class. But hey it’s a Honda….

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    Good news finally! Now will sleep well at night.

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    So no chance of this being canceled due to emissions concerns huh?

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    The headline mad me cringe. I hate watching that Scotty guy on YouTube. If he’d just stop waiving his arms.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m with you. I love watching car repair videos on you-tube, because even after 30 years of wrenching there is always something new to learn. But that imbecile and his clickbait videos (“Why they’re making me close my shop!” “This automotive trend is making me mad and I’m going to do something about it!” “If you don’t do this to your car you’re stupid!”) are giving people a lot of bad information. Far beyond his infamous advocation of fixing brake lines with compression fittings, his videos are filled with incomplete instructions, errors of omission, outdated opinions, and no discussion of safety. I quit watching years ago. If he’s such a good mechanic, why did he spend most of his career crawling under cars outside in his uneven Texas driveway before moving in with his kids? Professional my ass. Chris Fix is 1/3 his age and is leagues above him. Many good mechanics out there on YouTube who are as entertaining as they are informative to watch. Scotty is a hack who isn’t fit to pull parts off cars at a junkyard.

      • 0 avatar

        I tried watching Scotty to learn a few things. His bias was pushing me away, but what finally made me leave was when he crawled under a vehicle to shoot a video and was using nothing more than a hydraulic jack to hold the car up. No jack stands or anything. The dude is freaking dangerous.

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    Honda hitting Homeruns…

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    I own a 2019 Sport. Most uncomfortable car I have ever owned. Poor seating, no room to store much of any thing up front and my wife loves it. Zdkcilzdcu’%$)€ Oh for CRV or RAV4.

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      Not sure what the “Zdkcilzdcu’%$)€” refers to but the secret seems to be make the product as impractical or lacking as possible and success! I’ve never read a good thing about the HR-V and the original Daewoo, err Buick, Encore was even worse and it *created* this segment.

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