A Polite Request Regarding Apple CarPlay

a polite request regarding apple carplay

I was sitting in line for a car wash this morning, readying a test vehicle for photos, and since the line was long and moving slow, I started perusing Twitter on my iPhone while listening to the radio.

The same phone that was plugged into the Ford Maverick’s USB port so that I could run Apple CarPlay.

If you’ve ever tried to scroll social media, or a news app, or a game, or anything that might play a video ad or music, while also connected to CarPlay, whether wired or wirelessly, you might know where I am going with this.

Here’s what happens. You scroll through Twitter, an automated ad plays, and it cuts the radio out. Annoying.

But wait, you say, who cares? You shouldn’t be scrolling Twitter while driving, anyway! You’re right. And I don’t scroll my social media or play with my phone while the car is in motion. But there are plenty of times I am in the car, engine running, parked, waiting for something or someone.

The car-wash line. Picking someone up. Drive-thrus. I am sure we all face this situation fairly often — idling, parked, bored, and looking for a way to make killing a few minutes less tedious.

So you thumb through Twitter, trying not to be sucked into outrage-bait hot takes from people you don’t even know because apparently letting your blood pressure boil is preferable to staring out the window at the cityscape around you and taking it all in. Then the radio cuts out right as the sports yakker you’re listening to makes a great point about why your team sucks and you miss it. Bummer, dude.

I know it’s sort of an edge case, but I really wish Apple would figure out a way to fix this. Maybe a setting in CarPlay — perhaps an override so that it stays on the radio, even when an app is opened, unless the driver tells it otherwise.

Yes, it’s a first-world problem. Yes, it matters little in the long run. Still, it’s a minor annoyance I think Apple could likely easily fix.

If Apple ever does fix this, you know who to thank.

[Image: Honda/Acura]

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  • Vulpine Vulpine on Mar 18, 2022

    This is an ongoing issue even when driving, where even though the primary iPhone may be feeding music, a secondary unit, authorized AS secondary, can sometimes take over audio in the same manner. When it happens, I'm forced to quickly go to the home (audio) screen and re-select the primary device. Certainly an annoyance. But then, in GM vehicles, Car Play tends to freak out the infotainment stack after about an hour of steady play time. The only way to break that is to revert the audio to straight audio settings and essentially turn off Car Play itself. Interesting thing here is this specific problem appears to be isolated to GM and it doesn't matter what generation of iPhone or iOS version is involved.

  • Colto1000 Colto1000 on Mar 18, 2022

    @Tim: Does muting (with the rocker) your phone not do the trick? Maybe disabling Twitter’s autoplay?

  • Michael500 Sorry, EV's are no good. How am I supposed to rev the motor to impress girls? (the sophisticated ones I like).
  • Michael500 Oh my dog- this is one of my favorite cars in human history! A neighbor had a '71 when I was a child and I stopped and gazed at that car every time it was parked outside its garage. Turquoise with a black vinyl. That high beltline looks awesome today!
  • ScarecrowRepair I'd love an electric car -- quiet, torque, drive train simplicity -- but only if the cost was less, if recharging was as fast as gas (5 minutes) and as ubiquitous. I can take a road trip and know that with a few posted exceptions (US 50 from Reno to Utah), I don't have to wonder where the next fuel station is, and if I do run out, I can lug a gallon of gas back.Sure I'd miss the engine sounds and the joys of shifting. But life is all about tradeoffs.
  • Tre65688381 Let's face it, aside from the romanticized, visceral sounds of a robust V8/V10/V12, many if us appreciate raw torque and power enough that if our preferred poison is adequately met (track, drag, street, canyon carver, etc) we don't care whether it runs on liquid or current. The batteries just can't ruin the dynamics or the practical range.That said, I would still really miss the sound of a V8 bubble at start up, and at wide open throttle, yet would feel silly piping it into my electric car. Like an adult version of a baseball card in the bike spokes.
  • Inside Looking Out EVs also have low center of gravity. I prefer the silence of nuclear thermal rocket in outer space.