By on February 22, 2022

The upcoming Acura Integra is slated to be available with the company’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), according to a report circulating on one of the forums managed by our corporate parents.

An email leaked by a Milwaukee-area Acura dealer also says that a 6-speed manual transmission will be available, but it’s unclear if the stick will be available with SH-AWD.

The availability of the manual isn’t a surprise — Acura has pretty much confirmed a stick would available. This email, however, uses the word “optional.”

We’ll know more soon, but the Integra is shaping up, on paper, to be fairly impressive, no matter how much it may end up sharing with the “lesser” Honda Civic.

Oh, and there’s this, direct from Acura’s media website: Pre-orders begin in March.

[Image: Acura]

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25 Comments on “Report: Acura Integra to Get SH-AWD...”

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    They almost have to have AWD to distinguish it from the Civic

  • avatar

    I hope this implies that there will be a 2.0T version based on the Type R. The 1.5T really doesn’t make enough power to make the additional weight of AWD worth the effort, as nice as the SH-AWD system is in higher-power applications.

  • avatar

    – Current DA Integra owner.

  • avatar

    I hope that ridiculous side stripe is not standard. I haven’t seen factory decals that obnoxious since the 1974 Z/28.

    • 0 avatar

      If Honda is smart, it’ll be standard AND paint (not a decal) so that people have half a clue that the new Integra is out. Otherwise, it’s going to fade into an obscure footnote of “the new model was discontinued after two short model years due to poor sales and lack of enthusiasm”.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    That color scheme will be popular in Steeler Country.

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    Steve Biro

    While I’m glad the Integra is back, I suspect any Honda I buy will be a Civic Hatchback Sport with manual transmission. While speed is nice, a car doesn’t have to be blindingly fast in a straight line to be fun. As long as it’s lively and handles well, it should be fine. Why pay more for a lot of stuff that I don’t want?

    • 0 avatar

      And sweetening that deal is the fact that the Civic will run just fine on 87-octane gas.

    • 0 avatar

      Hatchback Civic is far too small, with no (back seat up, where it is usually) trunk space. The Integra is much longer, like a Civic Sedan, and as a hatch is useful. It ticks all the boxes except (a) cost, (b) power, (c) torque and (d) a proper (non snowmobile) automatic. 4 strikes and its outta here.

      • 0 avatar
        Steve Biro

        90 percent of the time, I drive alone. And 90 percent of the remaining 10 percent, it is only my wife with me. The non-turbo Civic Hatchback Sport with manual transmission will work just fine for me. My second vehicle can be a base or XLT Ford Maverick.

      • 0 avatar
        Ol Shel

        A ‘proper’ automatic has a clutch and shift lever. It’s driver is skilled enough to make the experience ‘automatic’.

  • avatar

    Total waste of time. Not better looking, not better performance, not better interior version of the Civic. What’s with automakers totally disappointing us on these sequels? VW bus concept becomes same-old same-old minivan; Supra isn’t a Supra, it’s a BMW; Integra just a less desirable Civic.

  • avatar

    Looks boring and generic. Hondas used to look and feel different from other cars. Not anymore.

  • avatar

    So now the Integra will have 192ish hp and AWD. Because 192hp needs awd. The added weight will make it slower and nothing more. Further proving current Acura has no idea what an enthusiast want. Might as well just make it a cuv at this point Acura because its not an Integra

    • 0 avatar

      ILX 201 HP and without forced induction even. Not impressed with Integra. Round headlights were expected. Without a very special engine it’s not an Integra. Sharing engines with Civic is not special.
      Grill is too large.
      Honda Prelude, S2000, 84 Civic Si, Acura Legend, Integra, are proof of the greatness within Honda. This new Integra is generic.

      • 0 avatar

        Also fails due to not being a 2 door hatchback. Acura and Honda lost the plot awhile ago. Thankfully the new Civic Si has toned down the ugly over-styled mess and looks normal-ish. But its not zippy or fun in any meaningful way.

    • 0 avatar

      Well, it hasn’t got my blood racing so far, but it is definitely more interesting than a CR-V. I worry that it will be too much tech, too much weight, and too compromised… but then again, that would also be a very Japanese take on cars. Sort of the yang to the original Integra’s yin.

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Like the front much better than the previous Acuras that had the beaks. They gone back the the previous non beak generation which just looked much better. As for smaller engines all the manufacturers are chasing the smaller turbo engines which give great acceleration and meet the EPA but do not last but then the manufacturers don’t want them to last.

  • avatar

    I can’t think of a better car to get to work in….but it shouldn’t be called an Integra..

  • avatar

    Sweet. Back in 1987, I narrowed my car choice down to a 16V GTI and an Integra. I went with the VW and never looked back….until the MK8.

    So after over 30 years driving Volkswagens and a sporadic Honda, I really wanted to buy an MK8 Golf R. I deliberated long and hard over the MMI, but ultimately decided this is not something I could live with. An AWD Integra is really the only comparison to the Golf R that I can think of. If they make the AWD version automatic only; however, they can keep it; I’ll find myself an MK7.5 Golf R.

  • avatar

    Nope, still not regretting the 2022 Miata RF I brought home on Friday.

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