Toyota Introduces New Top-Dog Tundra

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
toyota introduces new top dog tundra

Builders of half-ton trucks in this nation are perpetually searching the upper limit of what customers are willing to pay for a new rig, with the moneyed set having plenty of choices when looking for a leather-lined and luxurious pickup. For the last few years, Toyota has had the 1794 Edition as an arrow in its quiver to compete against the crew from Detroit. Now, with their recently refurbished pickup truck, they’re going a step further. Meet the Toyota Tundra Capstone.

We’ll start by noting the Capstone name requires a heckuva lot less explanation than the mystifying (to some) 1794 Edition trim. The word itself literally refers to an item fixed at the very top of a wall or building, eliminating the need to launch into a diatribe about the history of the land upon which the Tundra factory is built in Texas. Toyota itself calls Capstone a halo trim for its new Tundra.

It’ll be equipped with the truck’s burliest engine, which currently stands as a twin-turbo V6 hybrid powertrain making 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque. This is lashed to a ten-speed automatic transmission. Typical exterior jewelry is added to the Capstone compared to other Tundra trims, including look-at-me 22-inch wheels and a unique grille featuring a color-keyed surround and chrome-look mesh inserts. There’s extra brightwork on the mirrors and tailgate as well.

Inside, customers will find the typical largesse of bucks-deluxe trucks, including so-called semi-aniline leather-trimmed seats in a black and white colorway that’s specific to the Capstone. The center console and dashboard area are trimmed with dark American walnut wood that has a snazzy open-pore finish. You’ve noticed by now that the Capstone logo on its dash is illuminated, because why not. A panoramic moonroof is standard as is Toyota’s best iteration of their current infotainment system which is, it must be said, leaps and bounds ahead of the old one. The touchscreen measures a vast 14-inches and features all the typical goodies plus a 12-speaker JBL audio system.

Toyota didn’t say outright if the Capstone will replace the 1794 Edition, but we think it’s very unlikely. After all, why sell one expensive truck when you can sell two? Besides, the 1794 – with its brown leather and wood trim – appeals to those of us who like expensive cowboy boots and timber chalets; the Capstone seems more suited for a night in the city. Ford has played this game for years to much success; witness the marked differences between King Ranch and Platinum trimmed F-150 pickups. Both are expensive but appeal to different demographics.

Speaking of price, Toyota ain’t yet saying what a Capstone will cost, but you can bet it’ll be stickered right on top of or a smidgen above the 1794 Edition. It’ll be available in any body style you want as long as it’s a short bed CrewMax. Look for them on dealer lots (barring supply chain hiccups) later this year.

[Images: Toyota]

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  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jan 11, 2022

    Why grills are getting larger and larger while industry is transitioning to EV which have no grill at all. I am afraid consumer will get dazed and confused.

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    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jan 12, 2022

      @mcs I do believe that with the Kamaz Dakar trucks, most of the cooling is behind the cab like trophy trucks.

  • GoNavy99 GoNavy99 on Jan 13, 2022

    So, basically a replacement for the Land Cruiser, except with a pickup truck bed.

    • RHD RHD on Jan 16, 2022

      Grills are plastic, lightweight and cheap to manufacture. Metal is eliminated, it requires less paint and everyone else is doing it, so it must be okay.

  • Inside Looking Out You should care. With GM will die America. All signs are there. How about the Arsenal of Democracy? Toyota?
  • DenverMike What else did anyone think, when GM was losing tens of billions a year, year after year?
  • Bill Wade GM says they're killing Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Any company that makes decisions like that is doomed to die.
  • Jeff S I don't believe gm will die but that it will continue to shrink in product and market share and it will probably be acquired by a foreign manufacturer. I doubt gm lacks funds as it did in 2008 and that they have more than enough cash at hand but gm will not expand as it did in the past and the emphasis is more on profitability and cutting costs to the bone. Making gm a more attractive takeover target and cut costs at the expense of more desirable and reliable products. At the time of Farago's article I was in favor of the Government bailout more to save jobs and suppliers but today I would not be in favor of the bailout. My opinions on gm have changed since 2008 and 2009 and now I really don't care if gm survives or not.
  • Kwik_Shift I was a GM fan boy until it ended in 2013 when I traded in my Avalanche to go over to Nissan.