Genesis Going All Electric in 2025

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
genesis going all electric in 2025

Genesis presented its vision a sustainable future on Thursday and settled upon total electrification, just like every other automaker. Hyundai’s luxury component plans to become a “100-percent zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030” but foresees the need to wait until 2025 to transition its fleet entirely over to battery and hydrogen power.

Does it mean anything? If the automotive industry’s prior promises of automated driving and EV sales are anything to go by, probably not. However, electrification has gotten a major kick in the pants over the last few years as governments have ramped up regulator pressures and the sector has been flooded with money to help the cause. So there’s certainly a chance, just like when you play the lottery.

“Genesis has been on an intensive, bold and successful journey, successfully establishing itself as a truly global luxury brand,” stated Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung in a release. “Genesis is once again at the starting point of another audacious journey — the journey towards a sustainable future.”

But the hydrogen fuel cell aspect makes me worried. Hydrogen stations are few and far between, likely resulting in a future where Genesis has to sell a large portion of those vehicles to Californians, South Koreans, and the Japanese. Barring a sudden explosion in hydrogen refineries and fueling stations across the globe, FCEVs don’t have a chance of becoming mass-market automobiles. While the same could be said about battery electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure is growing beyond the confines of urban hubs and customers have the ability to recoup lost energy at home.

Though the company claims to be serious and has confirmed that 2025 will be the year that it drops the internal combustion engine entirely. It even provided a video experience to give us a taste of what that might look like.

Based on prior statements, the G80 sedan will be the first EV in Genesis’ lineup. It’s likely to be followed by the GV60 crossover, which is due by the end of 2022. There are also a few new designs in the video. But we cannot say whether they’re indicative of anything that might someday go on sale — even if Genesis hinted that they probably would be.

[Image: Genesis]

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  • Jmo2 Jmo2 on Sep 03, 2021

    “ However, electrification has gotten a major kick in the pants over the last few years as governments have ramped up regulator pressures and the sector has been flooded with money to help the cause.” Well that and much cheaper batteries, vastly expanded charging infrastructure, much higher performance…. But you knew that…

    • Stuki Stuki on Sep 04, 2021

      "governments have ramped up regulator pressures and the sector has been flooded with money" Just like Lada! The original Tesla! No matter how much pressure a government 5 year planner ramps up, he is still just a clueless apparatchik. And ditto, no matter how much freshly printed money a rank idiot on Fed welfare distributes to his equally rank idiot class-mates (an integral part of being an idiot, is the inability to discern that other idiots are also in fact so...), it will still all be wasted on nothing but rank idiocies. Like battery cars. Economics isn't just some parlor game nor PR babble spouted by rank idiots wearing Adam Smith ties. It may sure look that way, but underneath all the rank idiocy, there is some very simple logic. Simple at least, for those who aren't rank idiots..... And, as any (non rank idiot) economist will tell you, neither "government pressure" nor "crass theft and redistribution to rank idiots" are proper mechanisms for successful and lasting development. Of anything. At least anything other than ever more elaborate rank idiocies.

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Sep 03, 2021

    @pmirp1--Agree and that is one reason I ordered a new Maverick. I don't plan on getting a new vehicle or any vehicle for at least 10 years and maybe by then the infrastructure and less expensive and better batteries will be available. Also give it time for my affordable EVs which I believe over time will happen. I will keep what I have and run my other 2 low mileage vehicles for another 10 years and eventually downsize to 1 or 2 vehicles.

  • Theflyersfan It's the mother of all "ifs" - if Mazda gets the small rotary/hybrid combo going, I can see them using that in the next MX-5. Can they keep it under 2500 lbs and somewhat affordable? Not sure...this is why I don't run a car company! But if they want to replace it around 2025, and it's 2023 now, they need to get started very soon with some rumors and leaks to keep us going. But with the rest of their lineup going greener in next generations, and Mazda selling under 10,000 MX-5s per year, how does it really impact any average emissions and fuel economy ratings? If they can keep tweaking the Skyactiv-G engine for better fuel economy and fewer emissions, they should be able to get the NE generation using gasoline before being forced to go EV or hybrid with the NF. The mission of the MX-5 is light, affordable, open air fun and it's their halo car. And while I agree that EVs are going to be a much larger part of the future, the "all things by 2035 or 2040 or so on" edicts have "kick the can down the road" written in massive font size 1,000 written all over them. We'll be on gas for a while longer - just continue to eke more mpg out of what we have.All that being said, if they were to put the turbo Skyactiv-G engine in the MX-5 for 2024 and make it a Mazdaspeed model, I'd put a deposit on it right now. I love mine, but if it gets bumped up from 181hp to 250-275hp, it would be a flat out riot to drive.
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  • Tassos extinct. It is a mickey mouse vehicle -toy that was always extinct for me. Its current interior room is fit only for small females. No wonder it is very popular with chicks. An Adult male can fit in, but can';t comfortably stretch on a longer trip, not to mention the non-existing trunk. The stupid car does not even have room for a young couple and their weekend luggage. So, it's JUST A TOY. When you grow up, you want something much more than a DAMNED TOY. Zoom-zoom?
  • Theflyersfan I need to find the numbers but I remember reading that when back in 2020 when global lockdowns took hold, Mazda had the best sales year in years on the MX-5 given people wanted to drive something fun, top down, and get outdoors given everything indoors was closed. I daily my 2022 MX-5 RF GT and in 11 months, have just broken 15,000 miles. It's been out east twice, all over parts of the Midwest, and does my daily commute. All to the tune of 34-35 mpg in mixed driving, compliments at stoplights and getting gas (the Soul Red looks so good on that car), and with excellent winter tires, got me through the light snow and moderate ice on my way into work this morning. I'm able to fit two carry-on size bags, one large backpack, and some odds and ends in trunk. One of the few things I wish I could change is interior storage. Why Mazda couldn't carve out door pockets or install nets is beyond me. The center cubby can only hold so much. The stereotype of this being a chick car, a sorority car, etc., died a long time ago. It is a track car, one you can have serious fun in, one you can take on trips, cheap to fuel (even with wanting 93 octane) and insure, and still looks good. If you love to drive, and are at a stage where you can live with this as a daily, don't mind renting something larger if you need it, and know how to drive a stick and want some fun, get one. New, used, whatever. And I'll add my future predictions in the new MX-5 posting.
  • FreedMike It shouldn't be offered in the color shown in that picture, for starters. Make them all Soul Red. I would say there should be two: a "classic" Miata with conventional power, and an EV version. Imagine a Miata with 300 lb/ft of instant torque. I'd be interested.