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Mercedes-Benz’s 2021 EQB is its third all-electric launch this year, along with the EQA 250 and EQS. The EQB will be produced for the local market in Beijing. The rest of the world will get their EQBs from Kecskemét, Hungary. The EQB will be the first pure EV made in Hungary.


A U.S.-spec EQB won’t happen until sometime in 2022, but this overview should give you some idea of what’s yet to come. At 184 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 66 inches high, the EQB is a fairly spacious compact SUV.


There’s 60-cubic feet of storage space in the cargo area. If you opt for the seven-seater, kids and anyone under five feet, four inches tall can ride in the third row.


While we didn’t get many details about the EQB’s drivetrain, Mercedes did say that there will be several variations, with front-wheel drive, AWD, and a number of power ratings, including one that MB claims will exceed 268 horsepower.


The EQB’s batteries will have a starting capacity of 66.5 kWh. An extended-range version will be among those offered. Mercedes’ electro-intelligent nav system is smarter than most. It’ll not only give you the fastest route, but it will also take into account max charging power, and how long it may take if you need to stop for a boost. It’s so smart it will even bring the battery up to optimal charging temperature before a planned hookup. Now that’s smart.


The energy needed to power your EQB is a concern for Mercedes-Benz. With Mercedes me Charge, over 200,000 public charging stations across Europe are accessible through Mercedes me Charge. It also said that Mercedes me Charge provides over 90 percent coverage of public charging points in the US. Don’t you feel less anxious now?

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

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6 Comments on “2021 Mercedes-Benz EQB – Electricity Flows...”

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    Worried about this car’s sinuses. The nostrils are so huge and far apart! Are they there ready to feed cooling air to the mighty hot Benz Battery Pack, as it deploys hundreds of Ampere’s best to an electric motor?

    These days Gottlieb Daimler turns over in his grave, thinking, I could have made the first car with an electric motor like the ones in streetcars all over the world in the 1880s! But I decided on making a piston engine running poorly on refined petroleum emitting stinking fumes! What was I thinking?

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    Is this the GLB in EV form?

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    Land Ark

    Why does it look like they Photoshopped (MS Painted?) the wheels on all the pictures? Badly.

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    Luckily dead people do not turn over in their graves. They were decomposed long time ago.

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    “ With Mercedes me Charge, over 200,000 public charging stations across Europe are accessible through Mercedes me Charge.”

    I don’t think the contributors to this site are even trying anymore. Just post a link to the press release and call it a day.

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    I don’t know if I’ve ever hated a set of rims as much as I hate the ones on this.

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