GM Pouring $75 Million Into Toledo Transmission Plant

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
gm pouring 75 million into toledo transmission plant

General Motors will reportedly be making a $75 million investment into Toledo Transmission later this year. This follows an earlier $39 million investment from GM set aside for the eight-speed rear-wheel-drive transmission, which came as a package deal offering another $32 million for Defiance Casting Operations.

News broke after an internal memo was sent to United Auto Workers Local 14. According to WTVG/ABC13, the letter states that the latest investment will be used to increase the plant’s production capacity for 10-speed transmission used on the automaker’s full-sized trucks. Tony Totty, president of UAW Local 14, explained that the investment would likely go toward adding a second shift. He also praised the investment as an indirect way to stimulate the local economy and grow the tax base.

“These commitments not only reflect confidence in the TTO team, but also showcases the sense of ownership and pride our employees have in the transmissions we build in Toledo,” he said.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • Oberkanone Oberkanone on Feb 05, 2021

    Any of these investments to build EV components?

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    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Feb 06, 2021

      @SCE to AUX You wish. New world order is coming. Things are changing dramatically if you did not notice yet. Era of stability and status quo is becoming a distant memory. We were lucky to live in post war Pax Americana. But we run out of tricks and luck. Imagine if you lived in 1920s and how all that prosperity quickly turned into decades of hopless misery and unprecedented violence.

  • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Feb 05, 2021

    Glad they are not going the way of New Process Gear...

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Feb 07, 2021

    Not quite as negative about the US and the coming of the New World. There have always been changes and for the most part we adjust to those changes. Do we get everything right? Of course not but eventually most of us accept the changes. GM will still get several decades out of this expenditure on their transmissions because ICE industrial and commercial trucks still will be in large use. For service and delivery EVs would make more sense particularly for local use but for heavy use such as construction and mining ICE will be predominant for many many years. Service and delivery service will help to make further technological changes that will make EVs more affordable and practical. As for EVs I will hold off on buying one but then I am holding off on buying any ICE vehicle waiting for the EVs to become more affordable with better, cheaper, and more compact batteries and more infrastructure to support charging. These things will happen but I can wait and many others will wait as well. Nothing against EVs but I am not any early adopter of any technology. Yes I realize that electric vehicles preceded ICE but there were a lot less people a century ago and many did not travel that far in their vehicles.

  • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Feb 07, 2021

    Good for Defiance Casting Operations as well. That's where my Grandfather put in his UAW years (early 50s to late 70s). Back when I toured that plant in the 1990s during my college years it was still just "GM Foundry" Defiance, OH. So many important components were being cast there it was on the Soviets first strike list during the Cold War.

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    • 3SpeedAutomatic 3SpeedAutomatic on Feb 11, 2021

      @sgeffe FWIW, New Orleans was also on the Soviet "hit list" since it controls the mouth of the Mississippi River. Hit it and you lock up all the central part of the US. There was only one nuclear defense shelter in NOLA which was built above ground level since the water table is only one foot deep in the city. I was in absolute shock when I moved to upstate NY and noted all the real basements. I finally understood the "nuclear bomb" story lines on Twilight Zone episodes.