Detroit 4Fest Returns to Holly Oaks ORV Park

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
detroit 4fest returns to holly oaks orv park

Detroit 4Fest, an event for off-roading and overlanding, is returning September 25-26 to Holly Oaks ORV (Off Road Vehicle) Park in Holly, Michigan, a live event for off-road and outdoor recreation.

“We’re pleased to announce a price reduction for 2021. It’s only $25 a day to drive your rig on any of the courses at the park during Detroit 4Fest,” said Z Performance’s Tom Zielinski, event organizer. “However, registration is limited in order to provide room for everyone to roam. An experience unlike any other, where else you can drive your own rig at an ORV park? Sign up now so you won’t miss out.”

Located in the northern part of Oakland County between Pontiac and Flint, the park is adjacent to and a part of the Holly Recreation Area. On the 235-acre site, there are three lakes, two campgrounds, cabins, and even a boat launch. However, the biggest attraction for off-road and powersports enthusiasts are the courses, which feature 4X4 trails, motorcycle single-track trails, hills, water crossings, rock crawls, and other obstacles. Open to all types of off-road vehicles, Detroit 4Fest gives attendees an opportunity to participate in the event.

Ed. note: Holly Oaks is where Tim drove the Bronco Sport and Adam rode shotgun in the regular Bronco last year.

The site of a former sand and gravel mine, 113 acres are now open in the first phase of the ORV park’s construction. As mining operations are concluded over the next few years, the remainder of the property will be converted, with the full 235 acres expected to be operational by 2025.

“Oakland County Parks and Recreation has been thrilled to host Detroit 4Fest for the past 2 years at Holly Oaks ORV Park. Z Performance, in creating the event, has developed a great reputation with our Oakland County Parks and Recreation team and the staff at Holly Oaks, as well as many local businesses. Detroit 4Fest brings something new and exciting to the Oakland County Parks and to the Holly and Groveland communities with this unique off-road event,” said Dan Stencil, Executive Officer, Oakland County Parks and Recreation.

Spectators are free, and event registration is $25 per day. 4Fest is for novices to seasoned off-roaders, with off-road driving instruction and seminars, discounted two-day passes, a Saturday evening BBQ, live music, van life meetup, a vendor village, the Jeep Gladiator Challenge, camping adjacent to the venue, and more. A unique aspect has been added to Detroit 4Fest called Try It, Buy It, Install It, where you can buy off-road parts and accessories, and have them installed on your vehicle at the show. Additional information can be found on the event website,

[Images: Detroit 4Fest]

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    Yeah, it is a Monday blues. Monday, Monday...

  • Pig_Iron Pig_Iron on Feb 23, 2021

    "4X4 trails, motorcycle single-track trails, hills, water crossings, rock crawls, and other obstacles" - that sounds like a scream. I wish I could go. I'm looking forward to the the local motorcycle show, but it's postponed to 2022. :-(

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